Ok, that last post didnt' make much sense, so I've decided to make a coherent, relevant post to make up for it.

A very important part of winning in League is the ability to use your own judgement in the best possible in the variety of situations that league will present to you. Do you go fight for dragon, or keep pushing? Do you go back or stay and pop a couple of pots after winning a fight top? Do you go gank or keep farming mid? When do you do dragon as a jungler?

Do you dodge? How do you beat your lane opponent?

What kind of summoners should I take?

All of these questions have no definite answer. There is no "best time" to gank, or "do dragon", and you will never, ever know for certain what the "right" thing to do is.

A true gamer understands this, and so long as he accepts the consequences of his actions he will always win. Ultimately the only true wrong action is to make no choice.

There are pros and cons to every action, and it is up to the player to combine them together into a coherent and viable play.

For example, I see my opponent pick Ahri, so I pick ryze because I will deal more damage and my snares + mobility counters hers. I pick Flash + Ignite because Flash helps close the gap, as she has more range, and ignite helps me from committing too hard (less towerdiving). I know she will beat me really early due to my mana problems, so I ask my jungler to gank early.

The game starts, and I focus on last hitting, but Ahri is smart, and also last hits, so my jungler doesn't have a chance to gank. The lane pushes just as we hit 6, and their enemy jungler, let's say, a panth, comes out of the brush just as Ahri ults and taunts me. Knowing that there is no way for me to escape now, I tank panth's combo while dealing as much damage as possible to ahri, using flash to dodge her next Orb, which gives me just enough time to kill ahri for First Blood.

This is how a high elo player "thinks". No thought is wasted, and there is no hestitation when fighting. There might be mistakes made, but if we can fix them, we can, if we can't, we move on. Realize the truth: That there is to path but the one that we pick ourselves.