Right, so I just had a 2k smurf in my 1470 game. Last pick, decides to go roaming j4 instead of support.

Well, as you can guess this did not work out so well, MF went 3/12, and bot was pushed up to second tower in 15 mins.

But the Jarvan wasn't doing too bad. I mean, he was ok. At the end of the game, he was 12/8. But, we still lost the game, and it was still his fault. Why?

Cuz he screwed up the team comp.

I know, I know, that sounds a stupid, and lame, and I'm going to be called a meta sheep for this, but I just want to makeone thing straight. I am NOT defending the meta. I actually think the meta is a little boring, but the thing is, the meta is a useful concept in low to mid elo.

Think about it, the Meta team comp only give a significant advantage in a game is the opposing team isn't playing a meta comp too. So why does everyone in low to mid elo play the meta? It's because the "concept" of a meta gives low to mid elo players a framework to work with. Everyone knows what's going on, and who's doing what, and as a result, teamwork emerges from the "meta comp". They know who's initiating, who's doing damage, who's peeling and who's healing.

Now, you don't see as much meta in high elo. This is because everyone already knows what's going on.

But for Low to Mid Elo, the meta is god.