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Xin Q vs E

Recently I've seen a disturbing trend in my games of Xin jungle starting E first. I don't know if it's cuz I've dropped to silver recently ( haha... ), or if some high elo guy was trolling or whatever, but there is no reason whatsoever to take E first.

Firstly... let's look at damage. On wolves, E does 70*3 dmg.  Q scales off total attack damage 15 +12.6 (from scaling dmg of base damage, runes, and masteries) times three PLUS 60 damage because with your auto attack reset you get a free attack which means that you deal 27.6*3 =  82.6 PLUS 60 = 143.6 damage. 

So... E does 210 damage on wolves while Q does 143.6 damage. So, meh, E IS better for wolves. But, it's important to note that E only does 70 dmg to a single target, while Q does 140 dmg to a single target. The cooldowns are basically the same early game, which means that you will be able to use E and Q once each on blue and wolves, which means that you will deal 70 less damage to wolves, but 70 MORE damage on blue. This extra 70 damage means that you kill the golem about 1 second earlier.

However, despite considering that E does slightly more damage, I still support taking Q first, because with wolves your teammates can help damage them, which means you will get a ton of damage anyways. However, with Blue, the  minions have nearly gotten to each other, which means that at most they will stay a few seconds. 

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