• Fixatron


    November 4, 2013 by Fixatron

    of incoming damage.

    Upon storing at least 50+(Level*8) damage, Guardian's next Blade-Stay, Divine Slip or Consecrated Ground become empowered. After activation Pious Restraint goes on cooldown for 5 seconds, during which no damage will be stored. }}

    (+ 1% maximum health)}}


    Guardian empowers his shield before raising it, causing his next auto-attack to stun and deal magic damage in a small area. (+ 2% maximum health)}} second(s).

    }} }}

    20 + ( bonus health)}}


    The shield is empowered and now transfers disables to Guardian. }} 20 + ( bonus health)}}

    }} }}

    decaying over 2 seconds. armor}} for 3 seconds.


    Consecrated Ground erupts with divine light, damaging the first enemy target who passes through it, in addition to slowing and reducing armor.…

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