Prior NidaleeSquare Nidalee's rework, she was played as a support. After she was reworked, she was listed as an assassin and fighter, although still some people play Nidalee support, claiming that she's "viable". What do you think?

Pros Of Nid Support:

  • Heal with attack speed bonus

Cons Of Nid Support:

  • No Crowd Control that most "good" supports have (e.g LeonaSquare Leona and ThreshSquare Thresh
  • Only two ability that actually helps other teamates (Primal Surge Primal Surge and Prowl Prowl, but it only provides vision, which some people don't need), while others like SonaSquare Sona have major boosts for team help. If you're saying stuff like "oh leoana has no teamhelp", their CC makes up for it, while as I stated before, Nidalee has no CC.

If you want to get mad at me, or add on to the pros/cons, post it in the comments