the grim reaper

Cost: [1]???? or [2]????
Primary: Fighter Secondary: Tank Release date ???
HEALTH 550 (+80) ATTACK DAMAGE 63 (+3)
HEALTH REGEN. 5.5 (+1.6) ATTACK SPEED 0.668 (+2%)
Despair 100  ARMOR 25 (+3.5)
Despair regain  10+kill(10 per soul) MAGIC RES. 30 (+3)
RANGE 175 (melee) MOV. SPEED 350

Abilities Edit

Certain Death

When a champion's health or minion drops below 3% (doubles on minions) the champion or minion will die instantly. Also if the despair bar is full Sterben will gain movement speed when chasing an enemy champion below 20% of health. Also depleting the bar by 4 despair per second

5 second cooldown for minions  40 second cooldown for champions (the champion and minion cooldown are seperated)

Scythe Sweep RANGE: 360(arc)COST: 10 despairCOOLDOWN: 6 |}

ACTIVE: Sterben swings his scythe in a sweeping motion knocking the enemies depending on their position and dealing 70/140/210/280/350 damage (75% AD) and slowing them by (20%/30%/40%/50%/60%) for 1.5 second decays over time

*Damage:70/140/210/280/350 damage (75% AD) 
  • Slow: (20%/30%/40%/50%/60%)
  • Duration: 1.5 second

 [showSoul Eater COOLDOWN: 25/ 20/ 15/10/ 5 

Passive: Whenever Sterben kills a minion (50% chance), super minion, monster or champion he takes their soul. (2 for super minions and monsters), (3 for an enemy champion 5 when kiling an enemy tresh)(20 max stack). Consuming 1/3 stack  of soul their is a 0.5 second delay. When consuming 5 stack of soul there is a 1 second delay and reducing incoming damage by 50% for the duration.When Sterben empower ends he will be stunned for 1 second and his movement speed will be reduced by 20% and damage 30% for 3 seconds

ACTIVE: Sterben eats a portion of his soul stacks gaining damage, attack speed and lifesteal. He can choose 1/3/5 soul stacks.

Passive: Hunger for souls: When Sterben don't have any soul stacks he loses 1%/1.5%/2%/2.5%/3% of health per second. (this passive will only take effect if Sterben levels up this skill)

*Consuming 1 stack of soul: + 6/8/10/12 damage, +10%/15%/20%/25% attack speed and +2%/3%/4%/5% lifesteal
  • Consuming 3 stack of soul: + 18/24/30/36 damage and 30%/45%/60%/75% attackspeed and 6%/9%/12%/15% lifesteal.
  • CONSUMING 5 STACK OF SOUL:+ 30/40/50/60 damage and 50%/75%/100%/125%/attackspeed and 10%/15%/20%/25% lifesteal.
  • Leveling this ability to max level: Sterben deals 40 magic damage to surrounding enemies (20% damage). This skill will only activate when Sterben consumes 5 souls

 [showJudgement |RANGE:400(around Sterben)COST: 20 DespairCOOLDOWN: 12 |}

ACTIVE: After a brief delay Sterben pulls or pushes back all enemies depending on their HP %. If Sterben has more hp than the enemy by % he pulls them toward him and stunning them by 1 second. If the enemy has more hp than him he pushes them away and slowing their movement speed by 40% for 1 second.

Enemies hit by Charm take 20% more magic damage from Ahri for 6 seconds. [3] Orb of Deception's true damage is also increased by this effect.

*MAGIC DAMAGE: 8%/16%/24%/32% (20% AD) current HP

 [showDeath RANGE: 1000COST: 30 despairCOOLDOWN: 110 / 95 / 80 |}

ACTIVE: After a brief delay of 1.5 second Sterben casts the spell of death itself ensnaring the targeted enemy for 2 seconds and damaging the enemies within the spell.

*MAGIC DAMAGE: 6%/8%/10% (30%damage) missing health every 0.5 seconds. 
  • Range aroung the target: 500

Lore: Sterben like his name he brings death wherever he goes. Some say he is like Tresh harvesting the souls if the people he encounter but some say he is more than that.

Sterben is the one who brings death. He keeps the balance between life and death. He keeps the souls of the people who committed horrible crimes and sends them to hell. The other souls who are good and are faithful are given to Lanaya the Angel of Death. The souls that are given to her are sent to heaven. Sterben and Lanaya love each other but Tresh his brother wouldn't allow that. Tresh created the spell to make his brother go berserk. His plan was successful sending his brother berserk killing anyone who was on his way and collecting their souls whether it's good or bad disrupting the balance between life and death. Lanaya tried to stop him but in the end she got killed by Sterben. When Sterben came to his senses he realized what he has done. Sterben regretted what he has done he sealed himself with the chains restraing his power he then slept for hundreds of years. When he woke up he had already forgetten half of his memories but there is two things he can never forget one he killed his own lover two the betrayal of Tresh. When he remembered this he is already filled with anger. Even though he sealed himself with powerful chains. He can feel that the chains had weakened but it still seals most of his powers. Now Sterben collects both good and bad souls but he doesn't send them to heaven or hell instead he keeps them for himself. He wanders the Earth in search for his treacherous brother.