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Opinions and why you agree

Buffs or Nerfs on Who: I am newer to this wiki. So i am going to make a general post and see if I can make points to show im just not that other person on Wiki. So in League of Legends there are alot of unbalance in some ADC's for their cost and what they can do compared to others? So i must ask... What champs need buffed or nerfed any role.....any champ and why? Because people complained that Darius was too OP but now people are like now he has a cooldown he's not good.......He did 1000 base damge but if he failed dunked he had a cooldown and mostly every other champ has a cooldown so why did this make him so bad? Gragas does the same damge to a group of people and can stun if they hit terrain and has like 45 sec ulti cooldown? So once again I'll leave the question at the end.. Who needs nerfed or buffed and why do you think that *please no..."oh cause he used to be good"  please use legitimate facts or senarios. Thank you :)

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