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Item concepts


Builds from:

Sheen , Jaurim's fist


400 HP, 250 Mana, 30 Attack Damage, 10% Cooldown, Unique - Spellblade - After using an ability, your next basic attack (on-hit) deals 100% base attack damage plus 5% of your maximum hp (1.5 second cooldown)

Moon Stone

Builds from:

Saphire Crystal, Catalyst the Protector


300 HP, 500 Mana, 10% Cooldown, Unique - VALOR'S REWARD: On leveling up, restores 150 health and 200 mana over 8 seconds, Unique - Lunar Aura: Allies within 1000 units gain base 10 movement speed and regen 2.5% of their missing mana per 5 seconds. 

Zephyr (Ranged Only)

Builds from:

Boots of speed, B.F. Sword, Recurve Bow


50 Attack Damage, 30% Attack Speed, Unique - Enhanced Movement: 25 movement speed, Unique - Zephyr: While in combat you gain 10% movement speed, this bonus is doubled if there is an enemy champion within 500 units. 

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