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  • Forchar Oliath

    Gelictus, The Frozan Fang

    Been a while since I've posted a champ, but I have this one done. Unlike my other four, this champion is not named after one of my alter egos, and is instead given a name with an actual meaning. I cannot remember the language I derived this name from, but I believe it to be latin. Gelictus means Frost/ice/frozen bite, A.K.A. FrostBite.
    Gelictus is a large arctic wolf, similar to Warwick’s frozen tundra skin. Unfortunate that the idea was taken already in Warwick, but I like the concept nonetheless.
    Also unfortunate, the icy concept has been done to tears by Ashe, Nunu, Lissandra, Trundle, Sejuani and Anivia (Volibear doesn’t count, because he’s a thunder based champion).

    Gelictus: Melee, Bruiser

    Passive- Frozen Coat

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  • Forchar Oliath

    Forchar, the Demon Prince

    Before anything else, I would like to say that yes, this guy has the same name as the one I am using. It was one of the first names I came up with, and it has remained a favorite.
    Forchar would be a melee champion, devoted to dealing damage. If you’ve read my other posts, you’ll notice I don’t really post tanks, or haven’t so far, so this should be no surprise whatsoever. In looks, imagine a fire demon. Not a big guy, mind you. I’m not putting much into this, if you can’t tell. The most important thing is his weapon, which would be duel-wielded fiery long-swords.
    I think I’m going to skip this part and go straight to the skills, alright? I’m not in the mood for a long, flowy intro.

    Passive- Duel Wield
    Forchar wields tw…

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  • Forchar Oliath

    Xenophilius, the Silver Tongue Assassin

    This is an alternate version of the Xenophilius namesake, placing him as a melee dps assassin character rather than a mage. I am still reworking the old Xenophilius, and I hope to hear more about him, but he’s just about finished.
    This Xenophilius would look similar to the other. IE, he would wear a black cloak covered in runes. The difference in appearance would be the fact that this Xenophilius wields a silver long-sword. The goal for this champion would be like Fiora, only a bit more durable and a bit more spent in effect-happy abilities. Imagine a Fiora who’s damage potential is slightly less but could slow, silence, snare, and lure, all within a matter of seconds? Banshee’s Veil and Quicksilver Sa…

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  • Forchar Oliath

    Xenophilius, the Spirit Thief

    For those of you familiar with Harry Potter, leave your previous knowledge at the door. For those of you who take names literally, shut up. For everyone else, enjoy my second champion post!
    Xenophilius would be a mage. I don’t know about anyone else, but the name Xenophilius, something I created many years ago, has always come to mind with a magic based character. Yes, I am an author. Xenophilius would be good at killing single champions and fail when trying to take on more than two.
    In appearance, I imagine Xenophilius to be a cloaked figure, his eyes red shapes underneath the hood. The cloak itself would be covered in runes. These runes could change brightness depending on different things; it’s not really my p…

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  • Forchar Oliath

    Erosaloth, the Earth’s Voice

    Erosaloth would be, as the name implies, and earth-based champion. I’ve tried my best not to make him a copy of Malphite, but bear with me all the same. Take into account that there are only so many original ideas out there, and mine is, at least in my eyes, my own personal creation. I would appreciate if you didn’t slam him into the ground (lol) before you realize that to me, making a character is like giving someone life. (Yes, in case you were wondering, I am an author, at least somewhat.)
    Erosaloth would be a dps champ, ideal for doing massive damage to one or two targets. His basic build recommendations would include Frozen Mallet, The Bloodthirster, and possibly Infinity Edge, a few of my favorite items. Yo…

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