• Frag11
    Erudito, The Defiant is a Fan-made champion in League of Legends.

    Erudito is a mage with 3 different kits, the Drone's, the Psionic and the Tech, each of them with their own focus.

    The Drone kit offers nearly all of Erudito's crowd control: attack speed reduction, a stun and a movement speed slow. However these require the control of an pet, and are abilities are non-spammable due to cooldowns and short ranges. This kit's ultimateis what allows Erudito to shift between the Psionic and Tech ability sets. These two ability kits also have unique bonuses that follow their theme, defense and supporting for the Psionic kit and damage for the Tech ability set.

    The Psionic ability set is the most diverse of the three. This set focuses on defense, de…

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