• FranticJim

    I'm saving up for Mordekaiser. I know, I know. I missed the boat on that one. But I don't care.

    1) I don't like overpowered champions. No matter what people like to complain about, the game's in a pretty good state of balance. Vlad's not that much of a problem (although his design is absolutely awful, in my opinion), Pantheon's not so bad if you build some damned armor, and Kennen's not even all that. All three of them are certainly strong to be sure, but not overpowered.

    2) When Mordekaiser was overpowered, he was absolutely uninteresting. I know the arguments for and against his former overpoweredness, and I was always on the side of "he's not overpowered if you quit standing next to him in your own creep wave", but still. He was, by anybo…

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  • FranticJim

    Queue Dodge Timers

    January 8, 2011 by FranticJim

    Are a mixed blessing. Seriously.

    1) They give you time to sit back and realize what you've done.

    2) They give you incentive to play with sub-optimal champion combinations because you've dodged three times already and d*mned if you're going to wait 25 minutes for that stupid timer to wear off.

    3) It encourages you to troll your hardest to try and get somebody else to dodge. Always a good time! Who isn't afraid of a Revive/Ghost Kayle demanding "mid or feed", and generally insulting people. The key is not to be so idiotic that people will queue with you anyways, but to be so horribly obnoxious that they can't imagine spending another 10 seconds with you, let alone another 30+ minutes.

    4) It makes the people you've dodged move on (with any luck) …

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