Nidalee is awesome. her spears against popular belief do take skill. (sometimes, yes there is luck but if you hit them EVERY time, thats not luck anymore) also in ap toplane she is a force to be reckoned with, she is weak until six, but then she gets mobility plus a different move set instantly makes her so much fun. 

People also need to learn im not using my traps just for vision, that magic resist debuff takes my spear doing 200 damage into a spear that does around please walk into the tri bush again. the trap is truely nidalees greatest skill, it is the most usefull and does wonders.

Teamfights. they are so much fun, you cant initiate but you chuck a spear and jump in with cougar form you just took out the adc and you can get away farely easily in 2 seconds. and chasing is amazing when you switch to cougar to gain some ground and then throw a spear. at max rank her heal is rediculous, yes it does drop off but it is still amazing.

Also, stop playing her support. her heal got nerfed hard and she has no way to protect your adc. and having built in wards is like saying teemo is the greatest support out there. (he's not). and rushing a deathcap on a support is never a good thing.