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  • FrogottenAngel


    November 14, 2012 by FrogottenAngel

    'Alina the Crystal Angel is a fan made champion in League of Legends. This post is dedicated to her creator, I composed this page the creator provided the details and ideas for this champion.

    A young Ionian jeweler in her beginnings, Alina fell prey to horrible accident. While working in her shop, she happened upon an enchanted crystal, breaking it and ending with it exploding in arcane power,embedding her flesh with crystal shards. Her body lost it's mobility, and for a long time it seemed to be the end for this unlikely champion. After countless attempts to contact Taric, the expert in crystal magic, and countless more unsuccessful healing attempts from some of the greatest healers in the realm, all seemed lost for the young Ionian. The fi…

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  • FrogottenAngel


    November 14, 2012 by FrogottenAngel

    Xerxes, the First Born is a fan made champion in League of Legends.

    Malzahar, the prophet of the void, has been planning for a while. No one save himself is aware of the depths and power of the void. Even his nemesis, Kassadin, has no knowledge of his plans. Using sinister magic, the prophet has influenced those born gifted with magical talent. Through countless trial and error tests, leaving thousands of dead bodies in its wake, he created the first of a new generation. A child born of the void yet conceived by conventional means to Runeterra. He had infected Xerxes' mother with a terrible plague. The dark curse only progressed the further along she got in her pregnancy. She developed dark visions of the void, was tortured by nightmares and…

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