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    Yeraz Support, Tank, Melee

    Passive-Life Essence- When Yeraz takes damage, allied units around Yeraz gain 4/7/10 armor and magic resist for 3 seconds(Stacks up to 3 times), and Yeraz gains half of that.

    Q-Shimmer Thrust-Yeraz dashes forward, leaving behind a trail of diamond dust and dealing 60/110/150/190/215(+.5 per AP) magic damage. The trail of diamond dust heals 60/100/130/150/170(+.25 per AP) to allied units and lasts 3 seconds. Each unit can only be healed once by this effect. Costs 90 Mana. 11 second cooldown. Range: 550

    W-Ring of Thorns-Yeraz raises a ring of thorns in a target area for 3 seconds. Enemy units who pass through it are dealt 60/100/140/170/200(+.4 per AP) magic damage, inflicted with Grievous Wound for 5 seconds, and ar…

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