• Funtofant

    idea for karma remake

    February 2, 2013 by Funtofant

    I bought karma as my second champ (after rumble) and i noticed that she couldn't support really well like the lol website suggests. Recently i've seen  her as a mid champion once or twice but never as a support bot. i have a few suggestions to make in order to improve her support aspect while not nerfing her as a mid champion. i will not be touching her passive or mantra because these feel okay to me because karma would be an excellent baiter as a support with her passive (wait till the last second to damage+shield). her are my suggestions.

    with her q i find the heal near useless,but the % missing health is useless unless the champion has somewhere around 10% health.

    Karma deals magic damage to enemies in a 65° arc.

    |description2 = In additi…

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  • Funtofant

    standard in dominion

    January 14, 2013 by Funtofant

    This has been a question of mine for a while

    What is the standard team build for dominion? i know that sommoner's rift is ADC, mage, bruiser/offtank, jungler, and support. i know that twisted treeline is just three beefy bruisers. i think. but i don't even know if there is an established teambuild in dominion, I know that a roamer and an assassin on a team is useful because teamfights don't happen to often and the  capturing and holding of points is easier with champion that are good in 1v1 fights.

    some champions i've had success with in dominion are mostly kayle twitch and amumu. most of my other champs like orianna, rumble, teemo, and karma don't seem to work too well in the fast playstyle of dominion (rumble might actually work well in th…

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  • Funtofant

    Ryelli enlisted into the demacian army academy at an early age. She attended there with her brother who had always supported her. at the academy there were mock battles that the students were put into. Ryelli relished these more than anything else at the academy. She would run around the battlefield, taking out enemies in one area, then when opportunity arised elsewhere she would leave the skirmish to let her allies fend for themselves. She nearly always won with her team but there would only be Ryelli and maybe a few other students that would stand after the battle. As time went on her masters would criticize her more and more because of her tactic. In a real battle they might win but they would lose many lives as well.

    One day she got a t…

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  • Funtofant

    Ryelli the Leading Charge

    November 24, 2012 by Funtofant

    Ryelli is a full support that is also tanky so that she might also be built as a tank. She relies on her auto attack and her E to deal damage and uses her q for a reliable cc. She is also meant to be an ADC's best friend. please leave feedback in the comment section below.


    Ryelli gains a very small amount of experience while dead.

    At Their Side:   range: 625  cooldown: 17/16/15/14/13sec.  cost: 65 mana

    Ryelli dashes to where she is needed, stunning all enemies caught in her path for 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds. If she ends her dash within 125 range of an allied champion then for 3.5 seconds her and her allies basic attacks slow targets by 25% for 1.5 seconds. does not stack.

    Protective Instinct:   range: 350  cooldown: 7sec.  cost: 50…

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