Ryelli enlisted into the demacian army academy at an early age. She attended there with her brother who had always supported her. at the academy there were mock battles that the students were put into. Ryelli relished these more than anything else at the academy. She would run around the battlefield, taking out enemies in one area, then when opportunity arised elsewhere she would leave the skirmish to let her allies fend for themselves. She nearly always won with her team but there would only be Ryelli and maybe a few other students that would stand after the battle. As time went on her masters would criticize her more and more because of her tactic. In a real battle they might win but they would lose many lives as well.

One day she got a turn to participate in an actual battle. She was assigned mentors that would protect her during the battle. She left them quickly and broke ranks and continued her usual fighting style. Ryelli seemed to be everywhere. She found oppportunities of complex tactic that she simply couldn't pass up. The new strategies that were presented to her were more complex than the ones at the academy. Ryelli enjoyed herself so much that she didn't realize that the demacian ranks were getting decimated. After the battle was won she saw her mentors lieing among the dead. This opened her eyes up to the lives that were lost. This wasn't fake. She decided that night that she couldn't do this to the demacian army. she decided to take her own life. As she sat there with a knife in her hand, ready to accept her fate, her brother came into visit. He didn't scold her for what she was considering. she saw that he was uplifting her and that she could do the same. the next mock battle was different. She rushed to wherever she was needed most or wherever someone needed help. While keeping her own fast moving style she uplifted her allies and helped them improve as the battle went on. For the first time ever a team won without any casualties and Ryelli found a way to keep her allies safe while still winning

- without someone to lead or to give hope, all is lost -Ryelli's brother