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standard in dominion

Funtofant January 14, 2013 User blog:Funtofant

This has been a question of mine for a while

What is the standard team build for dominion? i know that sommoner's rift is ADC, mage, bruiser/offtank, jungler, and support. i know that twisted treeline is just three beefy bruisers. i think. but i don't even know if there is an established teambuild in dominion, I know that a roamer and an assassin on a team is useful because teamfights don't happen to often and the  capturing and holding of points is easier with champion that are good in 1v1 fights.

some champions i've had success with in dominion are mostly kayle twitch and amumu. most of my other champs like orianna, rumble, teemo, and karma don't seem to work too well in the fast playstyle of dominion (rumble might actually work well in the right circumstances). anyway if you could suggest some champions that seem to work well in dominion please post in a comment.

lastly if you know of anything that explains the playstyle, team comp, and how to play in dominion would you plese link me to it?

thank you

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