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aka Kevin

  • I live in Summoners Rift
  • I was born on March 12
  • My occupation is Chef
  • I am Male
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    Why do I play League of Legends?

    Their isn't really one reason why I play League of Legends. But one that speaks to me most is the thrill I get from competitive game play against other players around the world. Their isn't anything better knowing your playing against/with a random person and win/lose without knowing them personally and working together to win/lose even lose a match. Takes a lot of team work and skill to be able to play what me and my friends call "BK Randys" meaning Random Players. Also I think the fact your open to a lot of characters and playing styles does grab a person to playing League of Legends. Ooh did I mention Leagues Free?! The word Free speaks to a lot of PC Gamers. You don't wanna be nagged with monthnly fee's f…

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