Why do I play League of Legends?


Their isn't really one reason why I play League of Legends. But one that speaks to me most is the thrill I get from competitive game play against other players around the world. Their isn't anything better knowing your playing against/with a random person and win/lose without knowing them personally and working together to win/lose even lose a match. Takes a lot of team work and skill to be able to play what me and my friends call "BK Randys" meaning Random Players. Also I think the fact your open to a lot of characters and playing styles does grab a person to playing League of Legends. Ooh did I mention Leagues Free?! The word Free speaks to a lot of PC Gamers. You don't wanna be nagged with monthnly fee's for games you would enjoy or would like to try. IE>World of Warcraft just saying.

Who's my favorite Champion(s)? Well I have to say overall I'm feeling Garen and Skarner. Garen is one of those bad-ass characters if I say so myself. When it comes down to Garen your up in your opponets face like ya I'll just heal all my HP back if you hit me, I'm tanky so don't even bother fighting me, I'll just E you. Garen brings an agreesive playing style to the field. Judgment has people quivering from going inside a brush & Demacian Justice has many of many of his opponets fearing for that 1 hit ko when they are semi dead. I like to start with Regrowth Pendant just so I can Shift+4 (which is his laugh) and auto heal when damaged. Ya you know what I'm talking about ;)! Why I like him because Garens an agreesive, tanky, no MP character that can surely hold a team up to victory and hes not afraid to show it in his playing style.

As for Skarner he is very new to the community of League of Legends but I instantly feel in love with him when his Ult Impale surpressed my heart. Skarners a very good champion and I've gotten really great with him. Early game harrseing players with his E Fracture then going straight maxing his Q Crystal Slash. His passive ability makes it so he doesn't need CDR Runes & or items built for any reason. Agreesive late game and can carry any time with the right item build and right summoner :). Whats more to say? Why I like Skarner? Skarner is an overall shit your pants if he Ults me i'm so getting crapped on because his Q will just slow me and it's a low CD because of his passive so it's a constant slow even without a Frozen Mallet or Trinity Force or Rylias Crystal Scepter. Need I explain more ;)?