• GGooeytoe

    During the All-Stars tournament this year, Riot is having the pros play a variety of "Just for Fun" game modes with limited champion choices; one is "all assassins," while another lets the fanbase pick the champions for each team. It would be cool if the playerbase voted in the following ten champions:

    Team 1:





    Rammus (Ninja skin, of course)

    Team 2:

    Miss Fortune


    Sea Hunter Aatrox

    Ironsides Malphite

    Bilgerat Rumble


    Actually, though, it would be a pretty cool game. The ninja team would run zed/akali mid/top (can swap), rammus jungle, kennen adc, and shen support. If they could finagle someone else to support, shen could top or jungle. The result is a team with a really strong laning …

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  • GGooeytoe

    Annwn, the Master of the Wild Hunt is a champion in League of Legends. Always surrounded by his pack of , Annwn is versatile champion who can function as a mage, physical or hybrid fighter, or as a physical or hybrid DPS champion. He thrives in the jungle, where his give him exceptionally easy clears, permitting him to repeatedly gank lanes with his surprising mobility, or take advantage of his sustain to invade the enemy jungler. However, Annwn is equally at home in any of the three lanes of Summoner's Rift. In top lane, his ability to attack at range and potent sustained damage (physical OR hybrid) allow him to bully the tanks and fighters he will face, while providing his team with crowd control and damage in team fights. In the middle lan…

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