During the All-Stars tournament this year, Riot is having the pros play a variety of "Just for Fun" game modes with limited champion choices; one is "all assassins," while another lets the fanbase pick the champions for each team. It would be cool if the playerbase voted in the following ten champions:

Team 1:





Rammus (Ninja skin, of course)

Team 2:

Miss Fortune


Sea Hunter Aatrox

Ironsides Malphite

Bilgerat Rumble


Actually, though, it would be a pretty cool game. The ninja team would run zed/akali mid/top (can swap), rammus jungle, kennen adc, and shen support. If they could finagle someone else to support, shen could top or jungle. The result is a team with a really strong laning phase that can either snowball the game out or transition into a pick comp (imagine the powerball into rammus taunt into shen taunt into kennen stun....so much cc). The pick comp in particular fits the theme; ninjas want to ambush and murder you :). The team composition does not lend itself to teamfights, though.

The pirates would run Rumble top, Aatrox jungle, gangplank mid, ms fortune adc, and malphite support. Rumble and GP could obviously swap lanes, and malphite or ms fortune can jungle if their role can be filled. The pirates have great late game scaling and insane teamfighting (the only part of a wombo combo comp missing is the jungle amumu XD). Also works well with the theme...pirates go in guns blazing and waste everything! To be honest, I think the pirates team would win.

So, who wants to see it? Any champs we could swap to try to make the teams a bit more balanced (there's a reason pirate ryze is not listed...needed to limit the lategame scaling and magic damage SOMEHOW).