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    Cradella,the dark doll

    October 22, 2012 by Gabsovereign

    this is my first champion concept i dont know how to make a blogpost for a perfect blog post. im sorry if the format was too ugly.

    my cradella concept was inspired by the Sewn Chaos Orianna and other creepy dolls concepts and also from the movie "cabin in the woods" there was a creature named "doll family" i also take it from them but this cradella was like a puppeteer from valoran hope anyone would appreciate even though im a newbie here, cradella is a burst mage champion with large CC ability damager, it is also anti burst damagers but i dont know if Leblanc could defeat her or cradella could defeat her, cradella was my most desired to made champion since i started scanning for "make your own champions" here in LoL wikia. cradella was too…

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