• Gauzz Rifle

    This is Gauzz here, bringing you some short fanon of the League of Legends. In my first issue, I'll be covering a summoner making a contract with Ahri. Okay, nothing more to tell about the summary, so I guess I'll get ahead on the short story now. By the way, I'll be releasing a new issue every month.

    My name is Rinch, I'm 29 years old from Demacia. I became a summoner when I was 24. It wasn't an easy job for me, when I was still new to the business. Honestly, sometimes I lead my team to defeat. I accepted negative remarks from other summoners, who has more experience than I do. They decided to help me, and I began to understand how things work, day by day.

    Some time after, when I got hold on to things, I made temporary contracts with champio…

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