• Gekogun911

    King Kaz- The  Protector of the people  Support/Tank

    Armor- 22-72  Mr: 30-55 Health:  552-2011  Mana: 352-992 Attack dmg: 60-101

    Melee 125 Movespeed:330

    Passive- The Kings Shield- King kaz starts the game with a shield that he can give to a allied champion. That allied champion becomes labeled as Royal servant. Also King Kaz gains 5 Armor and Mr per nearby ally 

    Q- Bow Down : 70mana at all lvs. Cooldown: 5 seconds at all Lvs 

    King Kaz and his servant basic apply a stacking debuff called weaken will, Upon reaching 6 stacks King Kaz is able to cast Kneel which causes a targeted enemy champion in range to kneel before the king ,stunning the target for 2seconds and lowering there armor by 5/10/15/20/25 for 5 seconds. Enemy champions can not recieveā€¦

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