As a child, Robin's emotions ran amok. It was hard to keep them under control, and her rich and classy family usually didn't want elegant people to see her displays of mood swings, so they kept her in her room and insisted they didn't have a child when company was over.

Whilst in her room, Robin loved to study magic. She always had a strange fascination with it. While in her room, she practiced it as well, but she had to be very careful with her magic. One mood swing could make her go out of control, and she knew it. She studied all kinds of magic. Healing, Elemental, and even Telekinetic, she was very skilled at them all.

One day in her room, she heard a scream and some bashing around. She knew that wasn't normal for her family's usual parties, so she investigated. From the stairway, she saw that some of the people who attended the family's party had guns, and they were aiming at all the other guests, including her family. They told her family to give them some sort of Artifact. She never knew of this artifact, why had her family not told her? When they refused, they shot one of the guests and asked them to give them the artifact, or it would be them next. Suddenly, Robin's personality changed. she smiled with manic fervor and jumped down from the staircase in a wave of fire.

She doesn't remember much of what happened that night, all she knows is that she woke up in the ashes of a debonair mansion, and the fire in her hands told her that it was her doing. At first she was crushed and scared of what may happen, but then that same feeling came back. except this time, it was pride. So she was this powerful, eh? She took herself to the League of Legends, hoping to use her powers in better, less illegal ways.