So, I've seen some things lately that have ticked me off.  Start off, the meta of health.  Where if you aren't a tank, or a carry, you don't play.  Or where health is prefered over armor in the cases of facing adc's.  Why is this?  Especially when armor works as well.

Then there is the thing with jungle, "wolves first or you fail," and "Smiteless buffs"  Why?  I never quite understood it.  In jungle, you take the defense spell mastery, giving you 10 gold on smites.  Why not use it?  And why start wolves first or fail?  I understand this one MORE, but it seems more... choice.  Wolves don't give THAT much after all.

Last but not least... Flash.  EVERYONE TAKES IT!  WHY!?  I've been flamed for not taking it, and guess what?  Some of those games?  I'M MVP!  So WHY is EVERYONE so obsessed!  Flash has USES, but has a 5 minute cooldown, 3 with masteries all stacked for it and distortion boots.  But with some characters, like Ez, Renek, Kha, Leblanc, Shaco.... THEY HAVE A LESS WASTEFUL ABILITY!  So why take flash when you can take something that character doesn't have.  Now, before I say ANYTHING more, I want to say, I don't hate flash.  I hate the flame I get for choosing not to take it on some characters.  My tops, Rumble and Renek.  Never take it.  Why?  Rumble can fight and sustain well, and can run like a boss.  And Renek has a jump that works plenty well, and he has good sustain.  So I grab tele and ignite on both.  If I outsustain and thus outfarm the opponent, I have a better chance.  Most my mids I do take it, except Viktor, who I take tele and ignite also, for damage and lane presense/map presense.

So yes...  Thanks for your time, LoL wiki.

Gen Nakazora