• Gentle Coltte

    Now I know how much everyone loves Eve, so what better to compliment the eventual Stealth Remake than a new Legendary skin for her? Picture it:

    The Succubus: The Femme Fatale of Myth. A mystical creature who tricks foolish men into a loving lie and drains the life-force from their very bodies. As vile a creature they are, there is no doubting their beauty. From their seductive voices, from their piercing eyes, to their... excellent taste in shoes, they are the pinnacle of attraction.

    The Suckubus? Not so much

    Suckubus Evelynn


    The skin is the ultimate in "So bad it's funny" romancing. Suckubus Evelynn is clearly desperate for a man, and her lines reflect that. She flings pick-up lines like Vladimir flings blood puns, she squeals when sh…

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