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    October 31, 2012 by GerkIIDX

    Faulkner, the Steeled Arms is a champion concept for League of Legends.

    Faulkner fires a combination energy blast/wave slash from his armaments, dealing damage and polarizing every enemy in its path.

    |leveling =






    Faulkner dashes to the target location, slashing enemies along the way. Unless stopped, he then delivers an overhead strike seeking out the most polarized enemy (Applies on-hit effects.)

    |leveling =

    180 + 30 per Arcanic Polarity Stack





    Whenever Faulkner polarizes an opponent, he regains energy.
    Generates a damage-absorbing shield over the course of 5 seconds. While the shield is present, enemies that remain in proximity to Faulkner will become polarized.


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