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  • Gerudo74

    Swain in Season 3?

    November 25, 2012 by Gerudo74

    So, I love Swain, playing as him, his background, there's even something mystic to that limp, but right now it seems while he is okay, and good even in skilled hands, I wouldn't consider him on par with some others in his roles.? Then I started reading the Season 3 patch notes, and the first thing that caught my eye was the new Reathfire Grasp.? It's already a core item on Swain, but now, instead of it simply burning about 20% of their current health, it will burn 15% of their max AND leave a debuff, making your spells deal 20% more damage, when reading this, the first thing that came to mind, was Torment, which at level 5, gives another 20% bonus damage debuff, so assuming these stack, that is 40% bonus damage, then the new Liandy's Lam…

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