• Ghillieman2

    Next Void Champ

    February 21, 2014 by Ghillieman2

    With the revealing of Vel'Koz, I began to wonder what the role of the next void champ is. Cho'Gath and Kha'Zix go either Top/Jungle, Vel'Koz heads mid, and Kog'Maw AD carries. What's missing here?

    A support. We need a support from the Void.

    Now, what would his kit be? Would it be something like Leona's or Thresh's? A tanky champ with a good engage? What if its like Soraka's? Will they just be a support that just spams the heal button? What about a mix of both, such as Alistar or Taric? Is that void-like enough.

    Imo, I think a void support champ would have the 3rd kit. A mix of tankiness and sustain. Cho is the only tank. Cho and Kha are the only ones with sustain in their kit. WE NEED MOAR TANKS.

    Thoughts? Comments? Shitty Puns?

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