• GhostChili

    Passive - Combo

    mark- if all 3 abillities are landed on a single target you do additional damage on him with your ult

    Every time u land all 3 abillities u can activate your Combo Breaker (ultimate).

    air burst - Gut moves a shor distance forward and makes a powerfull hand movement that makes a strong burst of air pressure in a cone in front of him.

    (physical dmg) 70/100/120/150/200 (60% attack dmg)

    Roundhouse kick - Gut kicks in a circular motion in front of him damaging and knocking back all enemies in a cone in front of him.

    (physical damage) 50/80/110/150/200 (60% attack dmg)

    Uppercut - powers up his punch and does more dmg - additionally the target is stunned for a short duration. 

    (physical damage) procs on hit effect (bonus dmg) 40/70/90/110/…

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