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The son of a modest shop-owning family in Ionia, Dharma grew up in a simple village, living a simple-life. While he never necessarily complained about his routine life, he grew more bored each day. Although his sister Karma was known as the pinnacle of grace and balance and a go-to mediator for conflict, Dharma was hot-headed and always talking about how he was meant for so much more than helping around an antique shop. He could often be found in the middle of conflicts his sister mediated. When the mundane life of a villager became too route for Dharma to tolerate any longer, he took action. In the middle of the night three years ago Dharma attempted to disappear secretly. His sister was more cunning than he realized though, and she stopped him at the door. When she asked where he wanted to go he simply answered "It's not a matter of where I want to go, it's where I need to be". Despite Karma's pleas, he left and wasn't heard from again.

That is, he wasn't heard from until recently, when he reappeared at the Institute of War. When the Summoners asked where he had been all these years, he answered "I go where I am supposed to be, and right now, that's here at the League". When his sister asked, he repeated the same thing. When she told him about Noxus' malice against their homeland, he stated that he already knew about everything and that is part of why he's here. His long period of absence had caused very subtle, but at the same time very great changes to him. He became a masterful fighter, and now spoke as one with a purpose rather than one looking for a purpose.

"Everything happens for a reason, we were all born with a purpose, and mine is in the League. Great and terrible things are about to happen here." -Dharma