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Help this noob ward

Here's the problem, I enjoy playing support. I love Leona, enjoy Taric, have a blast with Blitz, and all that. I do pretty good in laning phase, but once the laning phase ends it's like all common sense leaves me. Alright... maybe not that bad. Actually the only problem I have outside of lane is ward stocking and placement. Every time I support, I buy as many wards as I can while still progressing on my build. I usually go for Philo's then straight to Ruby Sighstone. Even with all the wards I can get I am constantly being told that we need more. I get overwhelmed by all the wards that apparently need placed, because I don't have enough gold to stock up on wards and keep steady progress on my build.

So here's my big question; about how many wards should I have at a time? Sorry, I know this is a really stupid question, but I needed advice so I thought it best to ask for it.

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