There are champions who have skins that peek into their past, such as Vicero Xin Zhao, and even ones that show how the champion was before a major event, like Prototype Viktor and Pre-Void Kassadin. So I decided to try to come up with a concept for a Warwick skin before his Lycanthropy. Of course this takes some pretty drastic changes to Warwick's established appearance, and we can't have a respected scientist talking like a giant dog, so chances are it would be a Legendary.

We don't have a concrete image of WW's human form, so I just want you all to imagine what you think he looked like in your heads, still include his armor in his classic skin. First up are the claws, since most people I know don't have Werewolf claws, Human WW would need a suitable replacement. My idea was a pair of Hextech gauntlets, similar to Vi's. Like Vi's, the gauntlets were personalized by WW to fit his preferences. They are sleek, claw-like, and fit his grey/red color scheme.

As for the animation on his E, instead of the sniffing and growling/howling, a small radar dish pops out of the shoulder plating on WW or something similar. Instead of howling, WW utters a line such as "There's my prey." or "I need a lab rat!"

That's what I've got for the time being. Thoughts, feedback, suggestions?