So I've just found out about the leaked & confirmed Visual Upgrade for Karma, and I have to say I really like it so far. I liked Karma before and played her from time-to-time. If I didn't play her it was because A. I didn't feel her to be a safe pick or B. I usually play pre-made and one of my friends is a huge Mid-lane hog :P. For those who haven't seen it yet, here's a link: KarmaSquare Karma

I think her new classic splash art is pretty great, even if she is showing a little too much leg in my opinion (Oh geez I sound like an old man). At least her new appearance isn't too overly revealing like some other champions...

Also the Vintage Karma skin was a nice addition that shows Riot cares about even Karma's fans. Overall, I'm happy so far. What about you guys?

  • EDIT* I take it back, I don't mind the leg or the fact that Karma's new look is more revealing. It may not be as classy as her old look, but that's what Traditional Karma is for. It isn't on the Nidalee or Sivir levels of skimpy outfits, so I'm just fine with it. Also she kinda looks like a member of the X-Men now, kinda fitting considering her original VA was mixing Storm from X-Men with another character to make her voice.