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    Killer Combos!!!

    August 4, 2012 by Girl Squirrel

    So, recently i've been playing LoL and noticed a few insanely good character combinations that can easily win lanes or destroy a single opponent with almost no effort attached.

    Denial lane: Ezreal and AP Nidalee. They stood on my side of the minions, not really even last hitting, but instead denying experience to me and my partner with their insane range / damage pokes from level 1.

    No Escape: Veigar and Blitzcrank. Play it safe for first 2-3 levels. Don't push the lane, let the opponent do the pushing. When they get close, Rocket Grab them to turret range and surround them with Event Horizon. There isn't much they can do, except take it and try to escape, and their team-mates usually won't help.

    There are other great combos! Share some!

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  • Girl Squirrel

    Well everyone, I've been doing alot of experimenting online via "Blind Pick" and would like some new suggestions or even some ideas toward proper trolling on LoL. I like to be way OP in one aspect and weak in others.

    Example Troll Builds:

    Fiora: Mercury Treads, Tiamat x 4-5. Fantastic Ult and good farming. Easy to kill. You can build a Shurelia's Reverie early to greatly increase survivability. But both are fun. Close-quarters team fights are laughable.

    Shyvana: Mercury Treads, Phantom Dancer x 3. Other 2 Items up to you. This is an amazing build. You can Ult insanely often and stay a dragon until there is nothing left to kill. I recommend Bloodthirster, but there are options. Ult comes every minute or so. Cooldowns reduced. Huge Damage from …

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    Seria, The Manipulator

    Attributes Pusher, Support

    Health 410 (+80) Attack damage 42.00 (+2.15)
    Health regen. 5.5 (+0.60) Attack speed 0.625 (+1.44%)
    Mana 280 (+50) Armor 16 (+3.0)
    Mana regen. 8.0 (+.75) Magic res. 30 (+1.5)
    Range 500 Mov. speed 315

    Seria, The Manipulator is an idea for a champion in League of Legends.

    Seria's Abilities are focused around pushing her lane and keep heavy sustain for the allies in the area. Minion or champions.

    Tranquil Aura

    (Passive Aura):Seria has an aura granting +20/+30/+40 per 5 secs Health regeneration to all nearby minions.

    • Range: 600



    Leveling up
    Focused Throw Seria focuses energy in front of her to throw target unit directly away from her, dealing no damage unless unit collides with anot…

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