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Anasthasia, the Snow Queen

1 Growth 18 1 Growth 18
Health 365 (+76) Attack damage 51 (+3.39)
Health regen. 5 (+0.65) Attack speed 0.576 (+1.56%)
Mana 250 (+39) Armor 12 (+1.95)
Mana regen. 5 (+0.5) Magic resist. 30 (+0)
Attack range 575 Mov. speed N/A
Anasthasia, the Snow Queen is a custom champion in League of Legends.


Malediction Of Frozen Heart

Casting A spell on a movement impaired unit will deal 10% bonus true damage and mark it if it is a champion. Casting another spell on a marked champion will deal another bonus 10% true damage and stun it for 1 second. Mark lasts for 3 seconds.

Death Snowflake
RANGE: 800
COST: 80 mana

Active: Hurls a powerful Snowflake forward. Upon reaching the end of its range or if it hits an enemy, it will shatter and become homing projectiles to all nearby units slowing them for 2 seconds. Dealing the same magic damage to all.

  • Damage: 60 / 105 / 150 / 195 / 240 (+ 55% AP)
  • Slow: 40%

Consuming Frostbite
RANGE: 800
COST: 100 mana
COOLDOWN: 20/18/16/14/12

Active: Targets an enemy and deals magic damage to it. Afterwards, it is dealt magic damage per 0.5 seconds and the area it is standing on is also marked. If within 2 seconds, the target does not move more than 700 units away from that area, it is rooted in place for 1.5 seconds. DPS does not work with your passive.

  • Initial Damage: 50 / 75 / 100 / 125 / 150 (+ 40% AP)
  • Damage Per 0.5 Seconds: 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 (+5% AP)
  • Total Damage: 90 / 155 / 220 / 285 / 350 (+ 45% AP)

Cold Redemption
COST: 100 mana

Passive: Every 20/19/18/17/16 seconds, an ice wall will block a champion projectile that is about to hit Anasthasia and returns some damage back to the source.

  • Passive:
  • Damage: 60 / 95 / 130 / 165 / 200 (+ 50% AP)

Active: for 2 seconds, every projectile aimed at her will be blocked and return some damage to the source.

  • Active:
  • Damage: 70 / 115 / 160 / 205 / 250 (+ %50 AP)

Curse of the Snow Queen
RANGE: 700
COST: 100 mana
COOLDOWN: 150/125/100

Curses an enemy champion dealing an initial amount of magic damage to it. For 10 seconds, the target is marked. While the mark is active, target cannot regenerate HP in any way and is dealt true damage per second. If the target falls below a certain health threshold, it is instantly shattered.

  • Initial Damage: 150 / 275 / 400 (+ 60% AP)
  • True Damage per second: 5 / 7.5 / 10 (+ 1% AP)
  • Total Damage: 200 / 350 / 500 (+ 70% AP)
  • HP threshold: 15 / 20 / 25% of max HP


     The Freljord, an unforgiving cold peak. Many secrets lie in that place, many of whom undiscovered and powerful enough to shake the foundations of this world. Anasthasia is one of those secrets.
     Many thought that the first rulers of the Freljord were the three sisters - Avarosa, Serylda and Lissandra. The truth is, a much crueler queen lived eons before them. She was called Anasthaia of the snow. She uses the pure and elegant beauty of the snow itself to curse and crush her enemies. She personally disposes of those who defies her. She was a violent monarch feared by many.
     Nobody ever knew where her power came from. Her immortality, eternal youth, everlasting beauty and power baffled all of those under her command. But she was a greedy queen. She sought more power using unspeakable means. She wanted to uncover all of the secrets of the land to become the ultimate Snow Queen. However, with overwhelming power she has attained, she failed to handle all that power that surged within her. So, to solid ice she froze.
     Many generations had passed and now, in the present time, as the Ice Witch corrupts the frigid lands of the Freljord, the ice that encases the Snow queen shattered and Anasthasia was once again free. Free from burdens of the seal at last, she now has complete control over the power of snow and winter. But she must also reclaim her throne first from the hands whoever Freljord princess. And She has found the perfect place: The League Of Legends.

"A serpent cannot live with two heads; if they fight each other, The more powerful shall survive and the other - severed."
― Anasthasia, the Snow Queen

Change Log

  • February 19, 2014
    • Changed "Frozen Soul" to "Malediction of Frozen Heart"
      • Stun duration reduced to 1 second from 1.25
      • Mark duration reduced to 3 seconds from 5
    • Stats
      • HP per level reduced to 76 from 86
      • Base HP reduced to 365 from 470
      • Base armor reduced to 12 from 17
      • Armor per level reduced to 1.95 from 2.15
      • Attack range reduced to 575 from 600
      • Movement speed increased to 320 from 300

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