Hello and thanks for the feedback on my other concepts.Today i thought that we need a new yordle and so i will creat one :

Adon,The Yordle Fighter 

He is a powerfull dps with some flexibility.

Abilities :

Passive-Spiked Gloves : Adons first attack against a target will deal extra damage and deal magical damage over

                                time.This cannot be appllied more than once every 5 seconds.

Q-Barrell Roll : Adon spins into a ball for a few seconds,gaining bonus armour.If this ability is activated again Adon

                       will roll forward .

W-Yordle Punch : Adon enchants his next attack to deal bonus physical damage and knockback the target,but    

                       this will mute his passive

E-Yordle Assault : Adon increases his attack speed and for a few seconds his attack will deal damage in a conal 

                      area.Again,he will mute his passive while in this state.

R-Bandle City Beatdown : Adon focuses on an enemy, stunning him in place,then dealing contineous strikes on 

                                 the target .The last strike will deal bonus damage and deal area of effect damage.


Most yordles don't leave Bandle City and are a peacefull race,with some exeptions.However there were a group of yordles only known as The Lost Yordles" who,while not evil,caused mischief.Soon,their leader,Adon heard of a place were there were no rules.Him and his gang seeked the place,but no success.However,Adon now saw the League of Legends,and maybe show his skill there,while his gang searched for the other place"


Upon selection : "Time to show my skill"

Attacking :

Attack !

"With skill"


"With twin fists"

"Right in the face"

"No pain,no gain or somethin...."



"So you say"

"Over there ?"


"The gang is waiting"



Taunt :

"The real yordle arrived "