Hello dear summoners,

This is my first blog post and my first champion concept.I accept constructive critisicism.Let me present you :

Aramis,the Lectuerer of the Sands

His role is that of a squishy ability power mage (like Anivia) who can burst very well.Also he can be a decent support in lane.

Backround :

" Far away from Valoran exists a vast land full of powerfull and wise creatures.Among those there are Nasus and  Renekton, however there are some creatures far more wise like Aramis.Aramis is a very wise creature,being one of the most powerfull magician of those lands.People came from Ionia,Noxus and Demacia to learn spells and battle stategies.However, Aramis has the ability to sense the aura of humans,seeing if they're intentions are bad or good.Even if he was wise he still seeked more knowledge,reading almost every book of the Great Library and studying hours and hours.Then he heard of the League of Legends and he thought this could be a good place to study the good and the bad of the world while proving his knowledge in battle.

" Aramis's brain is as sharp as the best demacian blade "

-Oberus,the Great Summoner

He has the head of a hawk and a halo around his head . Also he has pages and quills around his clothing . He carries a book in his hand that has glowing words and a staff.

Abillities :

Passive: Enchanted Knowledge- After casting a spell gains a buff that will increase the damage that he deals.This doesen't stack, but gets refreshed after casting any following spells.

Q: Tap of Life : Aramis places a heal over time on an ally or slows the attack speed and deals moderate  damage to an enemy

W:Sanctum : Creates a ritual on the ground that deals magical damage over time. After 5 seconds he can activate it again to explode it dealing magical damage

E:Oberons Bolt : Aramis fires a bolt from his book witch freezes time, mini-stunning the target and dealing magical damage based on maximum health

R: Forbbiden Spell : Aramis casts the forbbiden spell of Tluk'nagar witch deals imense damage in a big conal area and also freezes their cooldown for very little time.Also if he kills an enemy he will remember a magical whisper witch wil reduce his cooldowns.


Upon selection :

"Wise choice,summoner"

Movement :

"As it was written"

"How should i proceed ?"

"Knowledge is power,summoner"

"As you wish"

"I proceed"

"All is written"

"Never a wrong choice"

"With power"

Attacking :

"Your death is approaching"

"I will compel you"

"Your death shall be written with blood "

"Power surge"

"Tluk'nagar is with me "

"You inferior creature !"

Joke :

He drops the book on his feet then jumps and says :

"You know,i think this book could use less pages"

Taunt :

"Who are you calling smarty-pants ?"