So i know there hasen't been much time since i posted my other concept,but i thought of a great idea.So Zed is kinda a evil Shen and they're lore intersect,but what if there would be evil version of Akali and Kennen, a whole clan of shadow ninjas.So,let me present :

Katara,The Assasin of Shadows 

She is a squishy assasin with great bursts of damage and builds attack damage.

Abilities :

Passive:Blade of shadow : While in the bush she will have bonus attack speed.This effect lasts a few seconds after exiting the bush.

Q: Death Volley : Katara lauches some shurikens in a conal area,dealing phisical damage.The blades come one by one so a enemy can be hit by all three.

W:Rush : Katara jumps in the air and lands gracefully in the selected place dealing physical damage.If she kills somebody with this ability she will get a movement speed buff for a few seconds.

E: Vital Stabs : Passive: Katara sharpens her blade making her deal extra damage.

                  Active : Katara's autoattack apply a bleed and a slow for a few seconds

R:Shadow Steps: Katara throws a dagger with poison that deals initial damage to the target and then increases the damage that the target takes.Also Kataras attacks against the target will deal damage over time, witch isn't increased .

Backround :

"Katara was the daughter of a Ionian samurai.The samurai was skilled,however he got tricked by one of his enemys with a backstab.Kataras mom later died,killed by a noxian general.She was forced to live alone,in the streets,until she found a way to make money : stealing artifacts and bringing them to people who later payed her.Karara learned a lot from his father and so stole a great sum of artifacts,until a man asked for a powerfull ninja blade,who was in the place where the ninja rested.She accepted and infiltrated in the dojo and as she got close to the blade Akali came to protect it.They fought,but on of Akalis kamas penetrated Katara's face,forcing her to wear a mask and leave without nothing.She then joined Zeds order and later joined the League to get her revenge on Akali"

She has a mask and red eyes.She has a small blade and has some knifes around her outfit.She also has some poison bombs.

Quotes :

Upon selection :

"My blade is ready, so am i"


"Feel the pain"

"Let me help with that wound"

"With blood and gore"

"No remorse"

"Kill all"

Movement :

"I move,fool"

"My blade is sharp"

"Right over there"

"I shalll obey"

"Balance is a lie"

"The shadow is within"

After killing an enemy under Shadow Steps:

"You were a fool"

"All in a days work

"Die for nothing"


"Come closer,i won't hurt you...too much,heheeheee"


"You shall die in agony,fool !"