"They were cast down....Cast down by the resistence.They joined The Fallen Angel,to vanquish the tyranny of the winged beings.The are the five nephilim lords.Feared even by the summoners,the have chosen to join the League  for an unkown,and perhaps,a darker reason." This basically sums up my idea for a group of characters.Also i am taking a break with my Marvels meets LOL.The basic idea is that i want to make one team of characters,each one having a different role.Today we will be looking at the Lord of Fear :

Necrofal,The Nephilim Lord of Fear

He is a tanky caster,with some splash of crowd control.He has two big,dark wings,large claws,and a hood around his head and only his red eyes are seen from it.He also briefly leaves a brief dark trail where ever he goes,as a bonus effect,but the trail could also be red.

Abilities : 

Passive : The Fear Shall Cripple Them : After five spellcasts,his next ability will fear the target and deal bonus magical damage.Also the fear becomes longer depending of the enemy's level.

Q-Death Plague : Necrofal forms a plague of death,dealing instant damage to an enemy,then quickly bouncing to nearby units.Also everyone that got hit by this ability will be slowed and have their magic resistence reduced,but this values become weaker as the plague spreads.

W-Inner Fear : Necrofal unleashes the deepest fear of an enemy,dealing magical damage  and also applying a debuff called "Frustration" which will grant vision of the enemy and apply a silence 2 second later.

E-Howl of the Nephilim : Necrofal creates a chilling roar,making all enemies terrified,causing  their attack damage to be reduced 

R-The Fear Feeds Him : Necrofal sends a pulsing wave of darkness,dealing magical damage to all enemies.After that he will coat himself in darkness,turning into a more powerful demon,imcreasing the range of his skills and also dealing magical damage over time for the duration.He will move faster per enemy hit by the initial blast. 

What do you think ? Also i would like you to tell me what other role should i cover next concept,as i want to know.