Zephyr is a ability power/support champion that has a unique mechanic.His ultimate will change him in one of two stances:Charr stance which makes him a powerfull caster and Veloria stance which make him more of a support.These two,Charr and Veloria, are gods that Zephyr worships.He gains his ultimate at level 6 (like Nidalee).

Zephyr,The Great Druid

Abilities :

Passive : Forest Rush : Switching between stances gives Zephyr a movement speed buff that lasts for a 4 seconds.

Q: Thunderbolt/Stoneskin :  Charr stance : He summons a thunderbolt at a enemy,dealing damage based on 

                                                           maximum health

                                     Veloria stance : He hardens the skin of himself or and ally to stone, increasing armor 

                                                           and  magic resist.

W:Charr's Rage/Leaf Storm :  Charr stance : Zephyr unleashes Charr's rage increasing his ability power and 

                                                            his attacks deal damage around the target

                                       Veloria stance : Zephyr creates a leaf storm at a location dealing small damage for a 

                                                              long period of time or healing for the same amount

E: Thunderstruck/Dryad Shield : Charr stance : Zephyr deals continuous damage to an enemy and slows them.

                                                                 The slow amplifies the more the target moves.

                                          Veloria stance : Zephyr creates a shield form the soul of a dryad.The shield

                                                                 absorbs magical damage and cleanses any debuffs applied 

                                                                 before the shield was put on.

R: Charr and Veloria : Zephyr switches stances, gaining bonus ability power if in Charr stance or bonus health in Veloria stance.

Background :

"Not many seek the eternal power the the Great Forest offfers.That is because the ragefull Charr,god of light and thunder, protected the Tree of Power.What kept Charr from destroying the tree was his sister Veloria,the godess of flora,which seeked to preserve the tree.But soon,a young mage in training came across the tree.He came close to it and before he could know Charr and Veloria were standong close to him, and he was standing in black smoke that was slowly killing him.As the two saw his potenitial as the new protector so they gave him the opportunity to either die or join them.As he didn't know what he wanted to do,he joined them,and soon he was back but with powers and a book of spells.He protected the tree until he was asked by the two gods to join the League of Legends with mysterious reasons."

Upon selection :

"As the gods of nature command"

Attacking :

"With wrath"

"Feel the nature"

"Do not hide"

"Feel my gods"

"With Charr's rage"

"With Veloria's powers"

Movement :

Trough the storm"

"As the gods direct "

"Good idea"

"By my book"

"Let nature prevail"

"Never fear"

Joke :

Steps in a little poop : "I think i just came across some nature"

Taunt :

"I have the good with me,what have you got ?"