Today I was reading the Cho'gath Eats the World article and realized that flash minigames for LoL could be really fun to play and so I came with some game ideas :

Catch the Teemo !

Description : Oh noes ! Teemo has feed this game really hard and now every body tries to chase and kill him ! Help Teemo escape the hurricane of enemies and reach the mushroom filled bush !

Controls :

Space - Jump ( you automatically move like in Jetpack Joyride )

E - Shoot darts once you gain the Bamboo Stick of Doom power up.

How it works :

You have to run from the enemies which quickly close in on you if you go too slow while trying to escape deadly traps like Cho'gath's how pop from the ground to try to eat you, yordle traps that stop you for a brief moment, bushwacks and other traps.

You also have to jump over platforms and you collect mushrooms. Once you have 100 mushrooms you become Super Teemo, becoming invincible. You can also collect the Bamboo Stick of Doom which allows you to shoot darts at obstacles, destroying them.

Target Practice

Graves RiotLoading
Description : Officer Malcom, this is Officer Caitlyn with an important message : Teemos have invaded the Agency ! Go into the infected room and clean them up . You will get the Destiny 850 Custom Shotgun and be careful, they come from all three passages ! Go kick some !

Controls :

A - Move Left

D - Move Right

W - Move to the Center

Space - Shoot

R - Unleash the Buckshot !

How it works :

You are Officer Graves and you have been tasked with stoping the Teemo invasion.

You are put into a third person view of Graves and must stop the Teemos who come from the three passages. Use A,W and D to switch between the three passages and kill Teemos to gain a bar of Buckshot and at 5 bars unleash the Buckshot killing all Teemos in all passages.

On last thing, beware of Mushroom Trowing Teemos and Mutant Teemos and don't let more than 5 Teemos pass you or it's game over.