Hello summoners ! Today i bring you another Marvel meets LOL with the only sorcerer that is more powerfull than the summoners,but has agreed to let them control him,after the portal between this worlds had opened.Also due to the anomaly formed by the portal,his powers have weakened,making him less powerfull.

Doctor Strange,The Sorcerer Supreme

A simple mage with intresting abilities,Strange uses the power of many entities like Vishanti (which is composed by three entities) and magical spells.I think a more old school Strange,with his old costume,but a little more modern.

Abilities :

Passive : Eyes of Vishanti : Being an elder wizard,Strange gains ability power as he gains levels.Also when he kills any unit with his spells he will gain a temporary range bonus.

Q-Rings of Agamotto : Strange sends a magical ring of energy at an enemy,dealing magical damage and lowering the magic resist of the target.Also the rings stays for a while attached to the enemy.If the enemy has three rings,he will be dealt a bonus amount of damage,as the three rings explode.The magic resist reduction doesn't stack will multiple rings,but gets refreshed as the rings are apllied.

W-Shield of Hoggoth : Strange conjures a shield on himself or an ally.Also,if an enemy destroys the shields,the enemy,any of his allies and minions will be slowed and have an attack speed reduction applied.The shield is more powerfull on Strange,aborbing more damage.

E-Incantations of the Vishanti : Strange whispers an incantation from the book of Vishanti,silencing and lowering the damage that the enemies deal.

R-Astral Powers of The Great Octessence : Strange calls upon the mystical powers of Octessence,creating a big area of effect storm of magical energies,dealing true damage to every body caught in it.Also Strange's attacks will turn into bolts of energy dealing bonus magical damage to all enemies.The storm has a big delay on it,making it hard to hit.

So what do you think ? Tell me your opinion and i will add or remove stuff.Also my next three Marvel meets LOL posts will be with supervillains,starting with Magneto.Also,any suggestions for Magneto ? I will adapt from your suggestions.