Glip The Iron Clad

Not sure how to do  this my first post.

uh this is a champ who has 2 sheilds. He is a tank with high health and relies on abilites to keep his team safe.

Passive  Over buff

Glip gains 60hp per 10 armor.

Q- Swinging Sheilds

Glip is able to throw his shield to an ally. This takes armor from Glip and gives it to the ally.  This can be used twice but not on the same ally.  If he uses it on him self he gains a sheild instead. Glip does lose health from loss of armor.

lasts 6s

armor given  5/10/15/20/25      health lost 100 per sheild

W- Shielded Wall

Glip throws his shields to push back and create an impenitrable wall. the shilds lay sideways to creat greater distance. this wall blocks enemies from passing through it

wall length 15 units sheild lengthe gets bigger like anivias wall

distance  length 200

E- Damage Manipulation

on allie cast. any dmg to that allie will hit Glip instead. Lasts 2/3/4/5/6 seconds.

R- Devestation!!

Glip taks his shields together and jumps to a location. instant casts When he lands he pounds the enemies, in the radius, into the gound.  stun lasts 1s/1.5s/2s

This champion is meant to initiate with his ult and provide sheilds for allies.  he is also able to be a support tank and manipulate the dmg to save ap or ad carries.