In this post I wanna comment the current situation of Katarina and put on a question:

"Should Katarina be buffed?"

Nowadays Katarina can be easily countered, we know that the most part of her damage is caused by her ultimate. However every champion with CC (excepting slow and snare) can stop her ulti and most of the time you can't use the full ultimate.

Champions who can't stop Katarina ultimate: 39 champions that can't stop her ultimate, that means that the other 79 champions can stop her ultimate. In my opinion I think that's not fair, if her ulti deals the most part of her damage and it can be stopped by many in teamfights how can she be useful?

The rest of her skills/abilities like Q and E have too much cooldown. Imagine a situation where she does Q, then E, then W and then she uses her ultimate. Someone stops her ultimate and she can't do nothing beyond her W because the other skills/abilities are not available, she can be easily killed in this time period.

She has also difficulties farming in mid. Between level 1 to 5, she only has 3 skills/abilities:

  • Q - Helps you farming, however, it does little damage and every Q you use you can only farm 1 or 2 minions. You also need to choose between harass the opponent or farming, because Q it's the best skill/ability for this two things.
  • W - This skill/ability is useful sometimes because it gives you speed when you hit any enemy with it. However the amount of speed is too low and if you try to use your E and then W to run, you can be almost dead depending on the enemy.
  • E - It's a useful skill/ability to escape from ganks and helps to use your ulti. However, it has a high cooldown and can't be use many times as you want.

Between level 1 to 5, as you can see, it's hard to farm, and at level 6 you are constantly trying to kill the opponent with your ulti and you forget about the farm.

Now let's talk about the ulti: I think it's great but everyone can also escape from it and it has low range.

My ideas for buffs:

  • Increase Q damage, better farm, better harass.
  • Decrease Q cooldown, better farm, better harass.
  • Increase W damage (a significant increase), better farm, better survival.
  • Increase W speed buff, better survival, better harass.
  • Increase E damage.
  • Decrease E cooldown.
  • Increase R damage.
  • Increase R range.
  • Add something that could make her use at least a half of her ulti.

Of course they could only choose one of this ideas, otherwise she would be OP!

What do you think?