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Roselle, the Bionic Gunslinger

1 Growth 18 1 Growth 18
Health 575 (+25) 1000 Attack damage 57.5 (+5.75) 155.3
Health regen. 5.75 (+0.575) 15.5 Attack speed 0.67891 (+12.34567891%) 210.6%
No Resource   Armor 22.5 (+2.25) 60.8
    Magic resist. 30 (+0) 30
Attack range 456 Mov. speed 321

Roselle, the Bionic Gunslinger is a Custom champion in League of Legends.


Roselle uses Ammo as her primary resource of basic attacks and spells, having 250 Ammo at the start of the game. Roselle consumes 10 Ammo each attack including critical strikes while 15 Ammo when casting some of her spells. Unlike my other Ammo Type Champs, Roselle cannot reload her Ammo. Roselle can purchase Ammo Box in the shop for free and cannot be sold.(see details below). 

Double Trigger

Roselle's basic attacks always perform double shot. Each shot deals 50% of his AD as Physical Damage. All-on hit effects doesn't apply on every 1st shot but it will fully applied on every 2nd shot. Critical strikes are also amplified on every shot. 

"Let's get our hands perform some fires. I don't need guns to fire my bullets. My Bionic Hands can do the job" - Roselle

Ability Details
Double Trigger is an innate.  

Scratter Shot
COST: 15 Ammo  
COOLDOWN: 10 / 9.5 / 9 / 8.5 / 8

Active: Roselle will throw some bullets in a targeted location, dealing Physical Damage and applying both on-hit and on-spell effects.

Landing a critical strike on an Enemy Champion refreshes the cooldown of this spell. 

"Toss something, they will give up on you." - Roselle

  • Physical Damage: 25/50/75/100/125 + 75% Total AD

Ability Details
Scratter Shot is an ability.

Bullet Trade
COST: 15 Ammo  
COOLDOWN: 20 / 18.5 / 16 / 14.5 / 12

Active: Roselle will fire a bullet barrage in a straight line, dealing Physical Damage to all non-champion units. All attacks and spells from all sources will be blocked upon casting. After casting, her next two shots gains her additional 144 attack range and deals AoE Physical Damage to enemy champions.

"It's all about how my ammo works." - Roselle

  • Damage(Champ): 50/70/90/110/130 + 75% Total AD

Ability Details
Bullet Trade is an ability.

Bionic Rush
COST: 0.2% of her Maximum Health.  

Active: Roselle will dash a short distance. Autoattacks will not be interrupted and resets upon casting.

Roselle gains 2 Stacks of Bionic Rush after casting. Every stack of it reduces the total damage output of Roselle's Basic Attacks and Spells against Champions, Monsters and Structures by 0.5%, for a maximum of 199 Stacks. Roselle's basic attacks reduces the total stacks by 1 and restores 0.1% of her maximum health

"I'm not scared. I don't like to fight fair." - Roselle

Ability Details
Bionic Rush is an ability.

Battery Assault
COST: Current Ammo (Min. 30 Ammo to cast. Costs 5 Ammo each Fire.)  

Active: Roselle will release her ultimate tatic, the Battery Assault. She stand still and continuously fires bullets on a straight line, dealing Physical Damage over 6 Seconds. While active, Killing a Champion via Battery Assault will resets it's duration, restores all Ammo used and gains additional effects.

1 Champion Kill: Can adjust the casting direction by pressing alt plus right click.
2 Champion Kills: Can now move freely.
3 Champion Kills: Bionic Rush is available to cast.
4 Champion Kills: Bionic Rush dash range is increased by 75% when casting towards Enemy Champions,
5 Champion Kills: Can now use Summoner Spells and Items.

"It's time. Time to waste my bullets." - Roselle

  • Damage): 100/150/200 + 100% Total AD

Ability Details
Battery Assault is an ability.

Changes :

V. 1.00

= Added.

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