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    Oberon, The Mage Lord

    December 24, 2012 by Grangik

    Oberon, The Mage Lord


    • Health: 350 (+80)
    • Health Regen: 2.24 (+0.36)
    • Mana: 300 (+90)
    • Mana Regen: 3.14 (+1.01)
    • Attack Damage: 50 (+2.19)
    • Attack Speed: 0.599 (+0.050)
    • Armor: 15 (+3)
    • Magic Resist: 15 (+3)
    • Movement Speed: 320
    • Range: 600

    Lore : As a child, Oberon wasn´t like other children, he haven´t played any games with them or wasn´t at home and helped mom. He was at library and studied magic powers. He learned magic spells really fast. When he was adult he started to hoard up all mages around and in the city Demacia and build a new city called New Magicia. He made from this city really beautiful place. Soon after a dark big cloud appeared above this city. It attacked the city and destroyed it. Only a few mages survived, including Obe…

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