Hello. New editor here on the wiki.

I've been playing League for approximately about 3 months now. During this time, I've thought up some custom champion ideas. I do this for most of the many games I play, but I usually keep it to myself. But when I showed my custom champion list to a fellow friend and summoner, he said, "Cool! I think you should post these ideas." Of course not word for word, but he wanted me to at least display these ideas, even if they are rejected or copies of other ideas.

But the list of champions I've created so far is about 30 or so, and I don't want to work myself to write all of them here at once. Plus, some are much more detailed than others, while some remain as a simple concept/draft of little detail.

That's why I want to ask you all for some help on which champion pages to create first and foremost. I'll make three polls, and you can vote freely on all three. If you like one champion alone, then vote all three on that champion. This poll allows me to see who are the most popular, and let voters not worry about picking between two top favorites.

If there is any question about any of the champions' background, battle statistics, looks, reference or even just any trivia, please ask. I would like it if you knew more about each champion than just deciding by names and imagination. I'll give as much detail i can for any question.

I will also be happy if someone can either collaborate or guide me to someone who can collaborate about the champion image. I have each champion's look in my head, but I lack the artistic skills to draw them well. Sadly, I don't know anyone around me that can also draw artistically enough.

Thank you for reading this long intro, but please consider reading it if you haven't. I'll keep votes up just for popularity voting, but after a week, or when enough votes sum up, I'll start making champions. Invite others to vote also. Thank you again and happy voting!

EDIT: I wish to also inform you all that this blog was not made to amaze you all with the long list of champion. I only wish to hear which ones you all are interested in, and by no means demand anything else. If you do feel like names and titles are not enough, as said above, please ask for the details of the champions if you are not certain what kind of champion they are supposed to be. Thank you.

As I only wanted a sample of what champion were popular among my list, I have closed the polls and will move forward to creating the pages. Please look forward to what is to come. The 7 champions' names that are bolded and italisized  will be my first projects. Thank you all for voting.

Custom Champion Synopsis

A short synopsis of each champion, so I don't have to explain much unless someone asks for fine details. Also, I seldom use words such as bruiser or assassin or support, so bear with me if I don't make some thing clear here:

-Magi, the Mage-Brawler
Melee. As his name professes, he's a combat-mage. His ultimate allows him to power-up for a while at a risky price. Risky price means lots of mana/health? Who knows.

-Takahata, the Thousand Blades
Melee. Support-tank early game, a super-bruiser late game. He starts out slow, but his abilities later shows how swift he can be. Think of the ultimate samurai you can think.

-Bellia, the Ebony Hunter
Ranged. While she is a ranged-champion, she is also partly capable in combat. Either a bruiser-of-sorts or simply an assassin. I thought of her design from BRS, if you know who I mean...

-Aaron, the Metallic Alchemist
Melee. No mana, he uses "armor", where he builds up by taking from slain enemies. He has his own base, then a separate bar for his store of "stolen" armor. Ultimate makes him go frenzy with metal spikes all over his body. Full-metal alchemist is a slight inspiration...

-Daitalus, the Training Marshal
Ranged-Support. He's semi-ranged, but he's ideally support with most of his abilities. I might need to nerf his ultimate, which can copy any allied champion's ability for an short time. OF course, a lesser version...

-Restor, the Lobster Admiral
Melee. Red-beard gone Davy Jones is sort of the idea. Don't have an innate yet, but his ultimate will allow him to turn into a lobster, not crab, "fishman". "Fishman" is my term for the "half-human, half-fish" from Pirates of the Caribbean.

-Desparo, the Rogue Gunman
Ranged. His abilities will be overall flashy with swift reloading skills and flips in the air while shooting multiple rounds quickly. Ideally, he can do that gunkata thing referred in Vayne's dance.

-Equites, the Honored Centaur
Melee. A live centaur, not like Hecarim. Actually I should make them related. Well, he'll also be speed based, with a different background, I guess. Oh yes, he'll wield a lance and also two swords for a Cross-Slash.

-Denzi, the Silent Flash
Mage. With headphones, he combines sound and electricity in his abilities, such as Spark Beat, Lightning Audacity and Crossfade Shockwave. I feel he'll have an easter egg where music can be faintly heard from him...

-Grand thief
Melee. Snatch&Steal is probably his motto, with not much desire to fight. Pickpocketing, sand-in-the-eyes and other petty things are his game, but his ult will allow him to summon a sand-twister to his biding...!

-Wright, Ace Attourney
Mage/Range? Well....let's say he's a gag character, purposely made to be the joke of the game. But his skills, though only including tripping, paperwork and even pointing, he'll be a capable champion...hopefully.

Melee. A perfect assassin as his name may profess, his abilities allow him to mark and kill a target easily. Even if he's "caught", other abilities will make his escape easier.

-Dex, the Cook
Melee. Think of the cook on a pirate ship, fat and all. Being a support with stances like Sona, he'll be the butcher on the field if he's "fed" well...(not a good joke, right?)

-Chester the Chess Grandmaster
Melee. His name says it all. A chess master, he's a strategist and tanky-support. In armor, his ability are all based on chess moves. Most of all his ult will be, and include the phrase, "Checkmate!"

-Gasper, the Stage Magician
Ranged. Probably a partial copy of Twisted Fate, Gasper will possibly be less of a support champion as Twisted Fate is. His innate is still in the work, but his abilities will all be magic tricks of some kind. The sword-stabbed-box will be the theme of his ult.

-Praeve, the Counter-Master
Melee. Lacking much detail, but he'll go by his name, countering enemies and even possibly inflicting more damage the more he is attacked. He'll be a pseudo-tank for this reason.

-Manic, the Suicidal Decoy
Range. Let's put Ziggs, Mundo, Singed, and Swain together to bring this tactical decoy specialist. All his abilities will self-inflict damage, but at a good price. His ult will be "sacrifice" with a reasonable passive to it. Heh heh heh...

-Ice Skater
Melee. Again, lacking details, the ice skater will hopefully be a champion of ice who can inflict mediocre damage while gracefully dancing. What skills should I give her...

-Gravitatus, the Magnetic
Mage. The back story for this champion says that he was a gem-miner who turns into a mage of gravitation. He'll have good CC abilities, with an ultimate that'll crush his enemy's soul...literally.

-Evangeline the Evangilist
Mage. As young as Annie, Evangeline was going to be related to Lissandra, but I dropped that. Her attacks are mostly ice-based still, with her ult allowing her to "grow-up" to be a true witch of icy terror.

-Kongming, The Sleeping Dragon
Melee. His gameplay will be exact to his title: slow, lazy and resting a lot, but in trade for being a very good tank. His ult though will change him into a raging dragon of fire!

-Osseus, the King of Bones
Melee. Truth to say, I got this champions idea from Kimimaro, a character from Naruto. He uses the bones of his body to impale surrounding enemies, all will fluid motions and skill.

-The Tempest
Sadly, he's the least developed champion, also due to hearing about the "Gun-templar". Well, this champion will ideally become a "tempest" who will destroy.

-Fei-Long, Master of the Gentle Palm
Melee. I was thinking of a champion who's from an unknown temple in Ionia, with Shaolin-level of mysterious powers. Fei-Long is the master of acupressure, using pressure-points to defeat his foes.

-Kick Master
Melee. Same upbringing of Fei-Long, but instead, a master of the leg arts. HE may not kick like Lee-Sin's ult, but he can hold his ground well with only kicks.

-Manila, the Devil’s Hairdresser
Mage. I wanted a mage who can use his/her hair as a weapon, so Manila was made. Originally a hair-cutter, her back-story reveals how she became a witch of the marshes.

-The Gambler
His attack style is not determined yet, but most of his skills will rely on luck...which I know can sound broken. IT won't be real luck. The champion will be a "lucky" champion.

-Raymond, the Traceur Policeman
Melee. After looking at freerunning in Assassin's Creed, I knew there had to be policeman in Piltover who runs in such a way to catch the criminals. So, Raymond was born, and possibly also to create a rival for Vi. Maybe.

-Richter, the Crimson Lancer
Melee. I know a lot of champions wield either a large lance or blade, but how about a bladed-lance? Let me introduce to you Richter, ex-Noxian militant who know serves under Garen for good reasons...

-Izo, the Blizzard Prince
Melee. I referenced Jin Kisaragi from Blazblue this time, but this champion will be a young prince who also opposes Ashe and Tryndamere's rule, but not for the ancestors, but because he believes a new Freljord needs to be made. "Grace" is his motto.

-Niina, the One-Yordle Circus
Melee. I sort of felt pity for Poppy, being the only female melee Yordle, so I made two. The first is based on the circus. Why circus? It just came to me, why not!? Especially a one-Yordle circus. I might enjoy it.

-Sauna, the Yordle-Brawler

Melee. The other female Yordle I thought of. Again, another half-rival for Vi. But this champion will be a very swift-brawl, truly quick on her feet. One ability called "Assault Rush" will let her pummel an enemy while shuffled in front and back of the enemies repeatedly!


Polls has ended

Results - 6/26

Magi, the Mage-Brawler - 1
Takahata, the Thousand Blades - 5
Bellia, the Ebony Hunter - 1
Aaron, the Metallic Alchemist - 1
Daitalus, the Training Marshal - 1
Restor, the Lobster Admiral - 8
Desparo, the Rogue Gunman - 3
Equites, the Honored Centaur - 1
Denzi, the Silent Flash - 3
Grand thief - 3
Wright, Ace Attourney - 3
Crime-Edge - 0
Dex, the Cook - 2
Chester the Chess Grandmaster - 7
Gasper, the Stage Magician - 0
Praeve, the Counter-Master - 0
Manic, the Suicidal Decoy - 5
Ice Skater - 4
Gravitatus, the Magnetic - 7
Evangeline the Evangilist - 0
Kongming, The Sleeping Dragon - 3
Osseus, the King of Bones - 0
The Tempest - 0
Fei-Long, Master of the Gentle Palm - 1
Kick Master - 0
Manila, the Devil’s Hairdresser - 1
The Gambler - 2
Raymond, the Traceur Policeman - 1
Richter, the Crimson Lancer - 0
Izo, the Blizzard Prince - 1
Niina, the One-Yordle Circus - 8

Sauna, the Yordle-Brawler - 5