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1 Growth 18 1 Growth 18
Health 516 (+79) 1859 Attack damage 53 (+3.3) 109.1
Health regen. 5.5 (+0.6) 15.7 Attack speed 0.668 (+2.11%) 36.5%
Mana 345 (+45) 1110 Armor 23.04 (+3.4) 80.8
Mana regen. 8.5 (+0.75) 21.3 Magic resist. 30 (+0) 30
Attack range 500 Mov. speed 335

Judaeth, Messenger of the Limbo is a custom champion in League of Legends.

Hello, summoners. This is Green Moriyama yet again with a new champion to present. Just like last time with GreenMoriyama Oonoki Profile Square Oonoki, I present yet another original champion concept that does not come from the "Journal of Champions." But to say, this is not the other joke champion I mentioned (that champion will be released at a later date). This champion concept is based off the work of another user who based his/her work off of a character named "Limbo" from the Warframe universe. This character has control of what is called "the Rift Plane" (or "the Void" to some; not the Orokin Void) which is a layered world that divides Limbo's enemies and allies between two battlefields (with exceptions). As someone who also takes some time in the Warframe 'verse, I recognized the reference and was intrigued to see his presence here on this wikia.

But, sadly with many custom champions on this wikia, they remain untouched after they are taken off the front page and do not develop beyond one or two worthwhile patches. Seeing the potential of this custom champion's kit going to waste, I chose to take it up and recreate it in the way I would reimagine it. With what knowledge I already have of Limbo from Warframe, I feel that I can recreate him adequately. Otherwise, all I have to say is enjoy GreenMoriyama Judaeth profile square Judaeth, messenger of what is called the Infinite Limbo and the arbiter of a power bestowed upon him. What will he bring to the table with his control between the normal plane and the rift plane? -Green Moriyama


GreenMoriyama Judaeth profile square Judaeth and his abilities are affected by a mechanic called the Infinite Limbo, or the Limbo for short, an alternate plane that thematically overlaps with the "human plane." The Limbo acts as a global mark applicable to units through specific means by Judaeth, where applying to himself is a simple task. This "mark" grants statistical buffs/debuffs depending on if the target is an ally or an enemy to Judaeth; the strength of these buffs/debuffs are either affected by Judaeth’s level or the corresponding ability's rank.

Denizen of the Limbo
GreenMoriyama Judaeth Passive

Judaeth is bound to the Infinite Limbo, entering it for 3 seconds every time he uses any of his abilities.

The Dweller: Judaeth deals 10 - 20 (based on level)% more damage to enemies who are within the Limbo.

The Infinite Limbo: The Limbo affects units differently. Allies who enter the Limbo (including Judaeth) receive 3 - 8 (based on level)% resistance to damage taken as long as they are in the Limbo.

Enemies and neutral units who enter or exit the Limbo are dealt 17 - 85 (based on level) (+ 5% of their missing health) magic damage. This damage is not affected by the Dweller and is reduced by 80 - 25% if the enemy has exited the Limbo in the last 6.5 - 4 (based on level) seconds.

Ability Details
Denizen of the Limbo is a buff/debuff that affects any units that interact with Judaeth's abilities, especially Judaeth himself.

Additional Information:

  • Using another ability when Judaeth is already in the Limbo only refreshes the 3-second duration.
  • Enemies and neutral units are dealt damage on two instances: when they enter the Limbo and when they exit it.
  • The damage reduction prevents Judaeth from spamming Banishment on a single enemy to abuse the missing health damage.
    • It also prevents unhealthy damage caused when an enemy steps in and out of a Zone of Cataclysm repeatedly.
  • Rift Walk allows Judaeth to continually be in the Limbo, triggering every 0.5 seconds.
Dimensional Bullet
RANGE: 1150
COST: 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 Mana
GreenMoriyama Judaeth Q

Active: Judaeth fires a dimension-penetrating bullet in a target direction that deals magical damage to the first enemy hit.

Magic Damage: 50 / 75 / 100 / 125 / 150 (+ 85% AP)

This ability passes through all units that are in the Limbo while still inflicting them with the magic damage.

Ability Details
Dimensional Bullet is a linear skill shot that passes through enemies debuffed by Judaeth's Limbo.

Additional Information:

  • This ability is considered single target.
    • On enemies within the Limbo, it is considered as an AoE ability for the sake of items such as Rylai's Crystal Scepter.
RANGE: 600 / 900
COST: 20 Mana
COOLDOWN: 2 / 1.75 / 1.5 / 1.25 / 1
GreenMoriyama Judaeth W

Active: Judaeth targets a unit, sending that unit into the Limbo for a duration. If an ally, they will receive bonus health regeneration for the duration they are in the Limbo. Judaeth will also receive the bonus as long as one allied champion is Banished.

Banishment on any unit will have their duration cut in half while Judaeth is under the effects of any hard Crowd control.

Judaeth can banish champions out of the Limbo at no cost or cooldown.

Banishment Duration: 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

Bonus Health Regeneration: 18 / 27 / 36 / 45 / 54 (+ 7.5% AP)

When cast on a champion, mana cost for Banishment ramps up for every champion who is already in the Limbo.

  • Mana Cost Increase: 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 per Champion
Ability Details
Banishment is a unit-targeted buff/debuff.

Additional Information:

  • Has a 0.5 second casting time.
  • Cannot target self.
  • The buff effects on allies does not extend if the unit is in the Limbo constructed by Destructive Cataclysm when Banishment’s duration expires.
  • "Reduction of Banishment’s duration" essentially speeds up its timer by two-times. The duration is not permanently cut in half.
    • Thus, the minimum duration of Banishment is 3 / 3.5 / 4 / 4.5 / 5..
    • "Hard Crowd Control" is considered under the "Disruption" section of Crowd control's categorization.
  • Maximum mana cost is 185 / 225 / 265 / 305 / 345 when casting on a champion while 8 champions are in the Limbo.
    • This maximum is 105 / 125 / 145 / 165 / 185 on the Twisted Treeline map, when 4 champions are in the Limbo.
  • The purpose of Banishing units out of the Limbo is to help reduce the cost of casting Banishment on more desirable targets.
    • It also allows Judaeth to deal the entry and exit damage on enemies in quick succession, although this process is gated due to the damage reduction of Denizen of the Limbo.
Rift Walk
COST: 30 MANA + 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 14 MANA PER SECOND
GreenMoriyama Judaeth E

Passive: When in the Limbo, Judaeth gains increased total movement speed. Allied and enemy champions are also affected by this movement speed modifier upon entering the Limbo, decaying over a few seconds.

Passive Movement Speed Modifier: 4 / 5.5 / 7 / 8.5 / 10% (+ 0.5% per 55 AP)

Toggle: Judaeth causes the energy of the Limbo to swirl and mix, allowing him to ghost and causing all champions in the Limbo to receive a 25% modifier to movement speed buffs/debuffs. If an ally, the strength of slows are reduced, while for enemies, the strength of movement speed buffs are reduced. Buff/debuff durations are not affected.

Allied/Enemy MS Modifier Duration: 3 / 3.5 / 4 / 4.5 / 5

Rift Surge: While Rift Walk is active, for every allied champion aside from himself in the Limbo, Judaeth receives a stack of Rift Surge. Each stack increases the effects of GreenMoriyama Judaeth Passive Denizen of the Limbo on Judaeth by 25%, increasing his damage on units in the Limbo and his damage resistance while in it.

Ability Details
Rift Walk is a toggled ability that buffs allies, debuffs enemies, all while allowing Judaeth to ghost while buffing him for every allied champion in the Limbo.

Additional Information:

  • The movement speed modifier is not counted as a slow.
  • Buff-modifier clarification:
    • Allies receive a 25% reduction to slows, causing them to only be three-fourths as effective on them (ie. 60% slows will become 45% slows).
    • Enemies receive a 25% reduction to any MS buffs they receive, causing them to only be three-fourths as effective (ie. 60% MS buffs will become 45% buffs).
    • Includes buffs/debuffs received from items and other units.
  • Stacks of Rift Surge will show how much Denizen of the Limbo is buffed, updating every quarter of a second.
    • When on the Twisted Treeline map, each stack instead grants 37.5% increased effectiveness instead of the original 25%.
Destructive Cataclysm
RANGE: 950 / 700 / 400
COST: 100 Mana
COOLDOWN: 110 / 95 / 80
GreenMoriyama Judaeth R

Passive: Judaeth's basic attacks can extend the duration of GreenMoriyama Judaeth W Banishment on an enemy by 0.5 seconds, while damage inflicted by GreenMoriyama Judaeth Q Dimensional Bullet and Destructive Cataclysm can extend it by 2 seconds.

Active: After channeling for 1.5 seconds, Judaeth conjures at a target location a Zone of Cataclysm that deals magic damage. Enemies who were already in the Limbo will also be Stun icon stunned for a few seconds.

Magic Damage: 250 / 350 / 450 (+ 45% AP) (+ 6 / 8 / 10% of enemy's max health)

Stun: 1 / 1.5 / 2

The Zone of Cataclysm remains for a duration, causing any unit to be in the Limbo if they enter the zone. The Zone shrinks over the duration of the ability and can be ended prematurely by reactivating GreenMoriyama Judaeth R Destructive Cataclysm.

Judaeth cannot cast GreenMoriyama Judaeth W Banishment on enemies who are in the Zone of Cataclysm.

Duration: 6 / 8 / 10

Radius Reduction per Second: 50 / 37.5 / 30
Ability Details
Destructive Cataclysm is a ground targeted area of effect which inflicts magic damage and creates a zone that allows units to enter and exit the Limbo freely.

Additional Information:

  • Duration extension by Destructive Cataclysm only applies to the initial magic damage and not any further damage inflicted through the process of entering or exiting its boundaries.
    • Allies can also have their Banishment duration extended by being within the initial activation radius too.



Judaeth travels across Runeterra, walking from door to door, person to person to spread the word of his fascination: the Infinite Limbo. A world he claims to be just on top of "this human plane," he offers its "grace" to those willing to accept its existence. Many have turned him away, but those who accepted his word found themselves empowered, seeing life in a slightly different way. And there is no catch; Judaeth never asks for any return but a simple word of "thanks" and a favour of self-reminder that the Infinite Limbo truly exists.

So what do you think? Does the Infinite Limbo really exist?

"The Infinite Limbo calls, offering its wonders at the cost of nothing but your faith."

Expanded BackstoryEdit


"Unlike those who wish to push their beliefs on others, I do not mind if you do not accept the Infinite Limb into your life. All I'll do is ask; never will I demand."


Upon Selection

  • "The Infinite Limbo offers its grace to all."



  • "To the next door."
  • "Moving."
  • "A pleasant stroll."
  • "I'm assured... of who I am."
  • "I would like a cup of tea, right now..."
  • "There's a long life ahead of both you and me... and it's going to be beautiful."
  • "Is there a believer where I'll be heading to?"
  • "I hope that every step I take has meaning in both the world and the Infinite Limbo."
  • "It's important to be honest about yourself, because you only ever have one life."
  • "So wonderful to be alive and walking."
  • "Change the way you look at reality... and you'll see that from every angle, the world is beautiful."
  • "Check the corners for any unforeseen danger or fantastic surprises."
  • "Just believe in yourself."
  • "Times a-ticking and I have somewhere to be."
  • "One door may close, but there are many more to open."
  • "If you do not believe in yourself first, who will?"
  • "Being alone is difficult, but it also allows you to understand what you miss most."
  • "You change the world by being yourself. Try it."
  • "To the next door."


  • "The Limbo deems you as an unworthy presence not befitting of attaining its gifts."
  • "I know you have your own set of beliefs, but why not open up your heart and consider the gifts of the Infinite Limbo?"
  • "Yes, I'll force you to enter the Infinite Limbo and let its energy incinerate you to death."
  • "So you do not agree with me and understand what the Infinite Limbo has to offer? No? What a pity."
  • "I do not have any ill feelings to you, but there are times even I have to fight for what I believe in. How about you?"

Taunting a Demacian champion

  • "I used to believe in what your people strove for, but it's too... intolerant for my taste."
  • "Honour only shines when you do everything to help everyone, even your enemies. But you antagonize them instead..."
  • "Justice? What justice came during my darkest hour? None."
  • "I may be biased on this, but I was betrayed during a time of need that your people turned a face away from."



  • "Excuse me sir, but do you have a moment to talk about the saving grace of the Infinite Limbo?"
  • "There is no such thing as bad religion, my friend. Only bad people who worship it."
  • "Does my religion discriminate? It surely does. The believers and the non-believers. But I treat everyone the same."
  • "It is alright if you do not agree to my beliefs. It only means you are missing out on the party. Yes, the party."
  • "I'm no prophet. I'm just a simple man, knocking at people's doors."

Joking near an enemy Demacian champion

  • "Excuse me sir, but do you... oh, I apologize. Wrong door."
  • "Excuse me sir, but do you... oh, my mistake. I've forgotten how stubborn you lot are."



  • "If it was only the old days... with you, my love."
  • "Even in this cruel world... a dance is always reassuring."
  • "Why can't the world stop and dance peacefully together?"
  • Hums a waltzing tune

Upon Using GreenMoriyama Judaeth Passive Dimensional Bullet on an enemy in the Limbo

  • "Sanctuary... do your deed."
  • "Right through you!"
  • "Do not take this personally. You are just a means to an end."

Upon using GreenMoriyama Judaeth W Banishment

  • "Banish."
  • "Banish!"
  • "Exile."
  • "Join the Rift."

Upon using GreenMoriyama Judaeth W Banishment on an allied champion

  • "Banish... oh, of course without any ill intentions."
  • "Don't mind the diluted colors. That's just all visual."
  • "Time for you to go on a little walk in the rift."
  • "Have a nice trip. I hope you find it fruitful."
  • "Take shelter in the sanctuary of Infinite Limbo."

Upon using GreenMoriyama Judaeth W Banishment on an enemy champion

  • "Begone into the Infinite Limbo!"
  • "Here's a sample. I hope you change your mind."
  • "Have a safe journey. If it will ever be safe for you, that is..."
  • "Remember. Entering the Infinite Limbo has a cost to everyone, especially those who are not wary."

Upon killing a unit through GreenMoriyama Judaeth W Banishment

  • "Oh... it seems like you are not suited for the Infinite Limbo. What a pity."
  • "The energy of the Infinite Limbo did not do you well, it seems."
  • "Your life will become a part of the energy within the Infinite Limbo."

Upon using GreenMoriyama Judaeth E Rift Walk

  • "Time to take a stroll in the Infinite Limbo."
  • "Let the energy of the Infinite Limbo flow."
  • "A pilgrimage into the Infinite Limbo."

Upon using GreenMoriyama Judaeth R Destructive Cataclysm

  • "Let the Infinite Limbo spread!"
  • "Rip into this plane, Infinite Limbo!"
  • "Oh, Infintie Limbo! Become one with this world!"

Upon using GreenMoriyama Judaeth R Destructive Cataclysm around himself

  • "Let us enter the great rift of the Infinite Limbo... together!"
  • "Entering the Infinite Limbo... with a bang!"
  • "Banishment! This! World!"

Upon using...

Animation ConceptEdit

Attack Animation

  • Sends out magic energy from the Infinite Limbo

Critical Attack Animation

  • Sends an intense collection of magic energy from the Infinite Limbo

Idle Animation

  • Looks around.
  • Takes off his top-hat, dusting it off before putting it back on.
  • Takes out his revolver, Sanctuary, which he then magically floats in front of himself. After entertaining himself, he returns it back into its holster.
  • Starts floating off the ground, sitting in an invisible chair. This animation continues as long as it is not interrupted

Taunt Animation

  • Elegantly thrusts right arm out towards the front, slowly bringing out to the side as his body turns clockwise with the arm. When the left side of his body faces forward, rests his right hand on his hip and bows slightly.

Joke Animation

  • Bows in a gentlemanly way, and while bowing takes off his hat. After bowing and placing his hat back onto his head, he spins and takes a dramatic pose.
  • Starts floating into the air as he "takes a seat." Takes out some tea and sips it casually.

Dance Animation

  • Summons an ethereal ghost of a lady and proceeds to waltz with it.

Death Animation

  • Takes a hit. Thereafter, he snaps his fingers and enters the Infinite Limbo, proceeding to vanish from the normal plane.

Laugh Animation

Theoretical Item BuildEdit

Summoner's Rift

Skins & TriviaEdit

Skins & Splash-artsEdit

  • Debonair Judaeth
  • Sub-Zero Judaeth
  • Party Magician Judaeth


  • Judaeth is heavily inspired by Limbo, a character from the free-to-play third-person shooter, "Warframe."
    • Judaeth's abilities mirrors those of Limbo while his personality & gestures are influenced by the aspiration of Limbo's looks: an English Gentleman.
    • The (assumed) tinted screen when your champion is in the Limbo and the somewhat ghostly appearance the champion takes up mimics the visual effects of the Rift mechanics from Warframe.
    • One of Judaeth's idle animation mimics an idle animation the character Limbo does: making a small firearm float in the air through supposed telekinetic powers.
    • Judaeth's faith to the Infinite Limbo may be a reference to another character from the Warframe universe, Nef Anyo, although not as much as a greedy extremist as said character.
  • In his death animation Judaeth disappears into the Infinite Limbo, making him another champion that escapes death.
  • Profile image taken from one of the promotional posters for the movie "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter."


Skins triviaEdit

Debonair Judaeth

  • This skin is a tribute to Valentine's Day of 20XX.
  • This skin has major Art Deco influences in its design.
  • He shares this theme with EzrealSquare Ezreal, GalioSquare Galio, JayceSquare Jayce and ViSquare Vi.

Sub-Zero Judaeth

  • He shares this theme with BrandSquare Brand.

Party Magician Judaeth

  • This skin is based off magicians that perform for children, using magic tricks specifically meant to entertain children.


  • Most of Judaeth's jokes refer to religious jokes.
    • "Excuse me sir, but do you have a moment to talk about the saving grace of the Infinite Limbo?" is a reference to this meme.
    • "There is no such thing as bad religion, my friend. Only bad people." is a quote based on a quote template, "There is no such thing as bad subject A, only subject B." which changes the blame from subject A (usually a larger subject, such as a music genre) to subject B (a more personal subject, such as the participant's preference).
      • One famous quote that follows this template is Sir Ranuplh Feinnes's "There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing."
    • "Does my religion discriminate? It surely does. The believers and the non-believers. But I treat everyone the same." is more or less a reference to how certain religious groups discriminate a person by their race/ethnicity, their sexuality, etc.
  • "Banishment! This! World!" is a direct reference to a quote often said by the female protagonist of the Japanese romantic comedy series "Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions" (中二病でも恋がしたい! chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai!; lit. Even with Eighth Grader Syndrome, I Want to Be in Love). In the series, the quote is said when the cast "access" the delusional world.
    • Appropriately, Judaeth says this quote upon using Destructive Cataclysm, where he opens up a cataclysm that connects the Infinite Limbo plane with the normal plane.


  • Due to his history with Demacia, his birthplace, Judaeth is not really fond of highly renowned Demacians and does not wish to be associated as a Demacian.
  • Doesn't like to be affiliated with the Void or the Shadow Isles, which some people mistake him to be associated with from time to time.

Login ThemeEdit

out01nzk - Hiroyuki Sawano (from the album "01") 
GreenMoriyama Judaeth out01nzk-Sawano Hiroyuki

Patch HistoryEdit

July 29, 2016: Patch V1.02

  • Secondary role changed to Marksman from Support.
  • Base statistics changed.
    • Base attack damage increased to 53 from 52.
    • Attack damage growth increased to 3.3 from 3.1.
    • Attack speed growth increased to 2.11% from 1.75%.
  • Some quotes added, some influenced by quotes made by Youko Ono.
  • GreenMoriyama Judaeth Passive Denizen of the Limbo (Innate)
    • Clarification made that duration in the Limbo by ability activation is only refreshed when another ability is activated prior to the end of the former three seconds.
  • GreenMoriyama Judaeth W Banishment (W)
    • Judaeth can now receive the health regeneration bonus as long as he has banished an allied champion in the Limbo with Banishment.
      • Formerly, Judaeth was unable to receive this buff as he was unable to cast the ability on himself. This has been clarified/reiterated in the ability description.
    • Bonus health regeneration increased to 18 / 27 / 36 / 45 / 54 from 12 / 18 / 24 / 30 / 36.
  • GreenMoriyama Judaeth E Rift Walk (E)
    • Missing allied/enemy passive duration added, lasting 3 / 3.5 / 4 / 4.5 / 5 seconds.
    • Mana cost per second reverted to 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 14 from 7 / 9 / 11 / 13 / 15.
  • GreenMoriyama Judaeth Passive Destructive Cataclysm (R)
    • Description clean-up and rewording.
      • Clarified that it is possible to increase Banishment duration on allies by hitting them with the initial cast of Destructive Cataclysm.
    • Deactivation cooldown reduced to 2.5 seconds from 3.

July 19, 2016: Patch V1.01

  • Few quotes added.
  • New skin added: Party Magician Judaeth.
  • Ability clarification/description added to explain what "the Infinite Limbo" is and how it affects the game as a mechanic.
  • GreenMoriyama Judaeth Passive Denizen of the Limbo (Innate)
    • The Infinite Limbo
      • Clarifications made in that send enemies in or out of the Limbo does not get enhanced by the Dweller's bonus damage effect.
  • GreenMoriyama Judaeth Q Dimensional Bullet (Q)
    • Ability name appropriately named "Dimensional Bullet" than "Dimension Bullet."
    • Ability descriptions slightly modified to be smoother.
  • GreenMoriyama Judaeth W Banishment (W)
    • Passive movement speed and other related effects have been moved to Rift Walk.
    • Banishing an ally now provides bonus health regeneration for the duration, granting 12 / 18 / 24 / 32 / 40 (+ 7.5% AP) bonus health regeneration.
    • Cast range increased to 600 from 550.
      • Banish-out (previously called unbanish) range increased to 900 from 750.
    • Static cooldown reduced to 2 / 1.75 / 1.5 / 1.25 / 1 from 3 / 2.5 / 2 / 1.5 / 1.
    • Ability description modified to accommodate any changes.
  • GreenMoriyama Judaeth E Rift Walk (E)
    • Renamed to "Rift Walk" from "Mending Walk."
    • Now provides the passive bonus Banishment had.
    • Healing effect removed.
    • Passively grants units in the Limbo modified movement speed.
    • Active now grants a modifier to movement speed buffs or debuffs to units in the Limbo depending on if they are ally or enemy.
    • Ghosting is returned to being applied when Rift Walk is toggled on.
    • Rift Surge:
      • Original mechanic of overlapping with Denizen of the Limbo removed.
      • Now Rift Surge grants Judaeth stacks for every allied champion in the Limbo, stacking up to four times. These stacks apply the same buff as the original Rift Surge when completely stacked.
        • The percentages change when on Twisted Treeline.
  • GreenMoriyama Judaeth Passive Destructive Cataclysm (R)
    • AoE mechanic has been changed to a shrinking AoE from a growing AoE.
    • Duration reduced to 6 / 8 / 10 from 8 / 10 / 12.
    • Stun duration reduced to 1 / 1.5 / 2 from 1.5 / 2 / 2.5.
    • Cast range increased to 950 from 800.
    • Initial radius increased to 700 from 550.
    • Final radius changed to 400 from 750 / 800 / 850.
      • Shrinking rate is fixed so that by the end of the duration, the radius is 400.
      • Thus, shrinking rate changed to 50 / 37.5 / 30 from growing rate of 25.
    • Can now be ended prematurely.

June 10, 2016: Patch V1.00

  • Primary role (Support) and secondary role (Mage) interchanged.
  • Few quotes added.
  • GreenMoriyama Judaeth Passive Denizen of the Limbo (Innate)
    • The Dweller:
      • Judaeth’s damage increase on enemies in the Limbo reduced to 10 - 20 (based on level)% from 15 - 25 (based on level)%.
    • The Infinite Limbo
      • Damage reduction scaling on enemies/neutral units increased to 80 - 25% from 80 - 20%.
        • Highest reduction duration increased to 2 seconds from 1.5.
      • Damage reduction duration increased to 6.5 - 4 (based on level) seconds from 5.5 - 3 (based on level).
  • GreenMoriyama Judaeth Q Dimensional Bullet (Q)
    • Ability power ratio reduced to 85% from 90%.
    • Ability description added to show what Dimensional Bullet is triggered as on enemies in or out of the Limbo.
  • GreenMoriyama Judaeth W Banishment (W)
    • Movement speed modifier reduced to 4 / 5.5 / 7 / 8.5 / 10% from 7 / 9 / 11 / 13 / 15%.
      • Ability power ratio reduced to (+ 0.5% per 55 AP) from (+ 0.5% per 50 AP).
    • Buff/debuff duration reduced to 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 / 3 / 3.5 from 2 / 2.5 / 3 / 3.5 / 4.
    • Base mana cost increased to 20 from 10.
      • Mana cost increase increased to 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 per champion from 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 35.
      • Ability description modified to the new mana cost.
  • GreenMoriyama Judaeth E Mending Walk (E)
    • Ghosting now only works during Surging Rift instead of being active throughout Mending Walk.
    • Mana cost increased to 7 / 9 / 11 / 13 / 15 from 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 14.
  • GreenMoriyama Judaeth Passive Destructive Cataclysm (R)
    • Passive on-ability Banishment extension now only works on Dimensional Bullet and Destructive Cataclysm.
      • Clarified in ability description that Destructive Cataclysm proc is only applied on initiation.

June 09, 2016: Added

  • GreenMoriyama Judaeth Passive Denizen of the Limbo (Innate)
    • Gifted by the energy of the Infinite Limbo, Judaeth has a natural affinity when within the Limbo. It also affects anyone, be it ally or enemy, who enters it.
  • GreenMoriyama Judaeth Q Dimensional Bullet (Q)
    • Judaeth fires with his handcrafted revolver, Sanctuary, a magic bullet that punctures through the dimensions. It is more effective on those within the Limbo.
  • GreenMoriyama Judaeth W Banishment (W)
    • Judaeth is able to transport ally or enemy between the normal realm and the Infinite Limbo, either hastening their step or slowing them down.
  • GreenMoriyama Judaeth E Mending Walk (E)
    • Judaeth stirs the energy of the Limbo, causing it to start healing himself and his allies while granting him the ability to pass through units.
  • GreenMoriyama Judaeth R Destructive Cataclysm (R)
    • Judaeth prepares to open an opening between the Infinite Limbo and the normal realm, causing the overlapping planes to join together for a limited time. Those within this space will be placed into the Limbo.




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